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Pitch & Putt Archive - Movie Reviews part 2 Clash Of Warlords

Clash Of Warlords (????)

Not to be confused with Zhou Yu's Chinese Epic of the same name, (in fact not to be confused with any film ever made), this is one of those truly great video's that I urge you to buy if ever you see it. I can't tell you anything about who directed it, what year it was made (late 70's or 80's), or even were it was made, as there are no credits. Its most definitely 'foreign' but it's probably Asian or South American. The 'story' line is pretty much indecipherable, but it's a sort of Star Wars / Mad Max affair, replete with the crummiest 'light sabre's' in history and 'battle tanks' that look like shopping trolleys with card board tubes attached. I promise you'll be paralysed by its shitness, but trust me this has to be seen to be believed. At one point the Villain (your standard Vader-esque evil dooer in mask and cape), is tied to a stake, at night, (I think the Moon gives him powers or something), anyway, he starts to spaz out, crying:

"The Moon! Give it to me…. I'll cover it…. I'll cover it in Blood!"

Watching this are two Guards who observe….

Guard #1 "He's crazy"

Guard #2 "He ain't crazy, he's insane"

Guard #1 "He should be in a cage"

A Masterpiece. JC

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