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Hitachi Sound Hi-Fi and Audio Equipment Catalogue 1986

Hitachi T21 & T51

Hitachi S7 & S17

Hitachi S9 & S19

Hitachi S37 & S57

Hitachi SM01R & SM22
Hitachi SM55 & HGE1100 Graphic Equaliser

Hitachi DW400, DX6 & DW800

Hitachi DE17, DE27 & D909

Hitachi H8500, HA3 & HA6

Hitachi HGE1100, HA37, HA57 & HA12

Hitachi DA5000, DA500 & DA501

Hitachi HT17, FT5500 MKII, FT3 & FT57

Hitachi TRK9230

Hitachi TRK W55, TRK 7620, TRK5380E/TRK5381 & TRK6830

Hitachi TRK930, TRK9005E, TRKW22 & CP200

Dr Bone: Live Intro Laser Show & Destroyed (The Almighty Cover)

                    Achtung! Flashing Lights. Intro to the gig at Sequins, Blackpool 1991 and a cover of 'Destroyed' by The Almighty