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Magic Dirt

Hailing originally from Geelong, just outside Melbourne, Magic Dirt have become one of the stayers in Australia's rock-pop scene. The recent release of their 4th album has seen a resurgence in their popularity and spawned a new fan base in those too young to remember the early years.
Headed by enigmatic femme fatale frontwoman, Adalita Srsen, Magic Dirt have been cranking out rocking hits since their formation in 1992. Originally compared to Sonic Youth (who they supported in 1993) due largely to the distortion and unusual guitar tunings featured in their debut single "Ice", they have matured to a more accessible and polished guitar driven edgy pop sound.
Touring extensively and often, they have become one of Australia's most popular live acts. Adalita's humour and on stage rock- goddess personna (I just like her for her hair) has become as trademark of their performances coupled with Raul Sanchez' signature loud and driven guitar. Their latest release, "Tough Love" is a perfect follow-up to 2000's "What Are Rock Stars Doing Today?" It combines moments of sweet acoustic pop, killer guitar riffs and clever lyrics with the stand out tracks for me being, "Watch Out Boys", "All My Crushes" and the fabulous "Plastic Loveless Letter", sung to cynical and bitter perfection.
I'm not sure if they've toured the UK recently but if they do, don't miss the chance to see them live and in the meantime check out "Tough Love"- hopefully released locally or through import on Warner records.
Brigitte Tenni