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Fleetwood Heritage Day 2018 | Vintage Arcade Machines

It was recently the annual UK Heritage Day, when they open up historic buildings that aren't normally open to the public, so I went back to my home town to have a look inside the Mount and the Lower Light House. I also paid a visit to the Harbour Light's Arcade to drop some serious change into their collection of antique 'amusements'.

My Diary August 1983: Summer Holidays

  Reading the eight month of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which we go crabbing, play dens out and bulldog, I cycle to Blackpool and lose all my money (well £1), watch Hawk The Slayer on Betamax and visit the library! Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!