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A Beginners Guide To Selling Records on eBay.

When selling a 'Job Lot' always make sure you get all of the records in the picture at once... buyers like to be able to see exactly what they are getting.
Presentation is everything, so photographs should be clear and of good quality:

Show that at your collection has been well looked after... 

....and remember to put as much information as possible in the title of your listing:
 Catch a buyers eye by making the more popular artists prominent:

...and that you are holding the camera the right way round:
Finally, be sure that what you are selling actually are records: 

The Epic of Gilgamesh - Tablet IV - 50 leagues a day…

The stage lights become dazzlingly bright before returning to darkness.

“Tablet IV – 50 leagues a day…” are the words that appear…

 Desert winds and blowing sand – the lights turn a deep orange. Our heroes trudge across the stage looking parched and sunburned. Behind them the sky turns as many days pass.
Cartoon-like images appear; grainy black and white snapshots of G & E’s journey through the desert: making camp, reading a map, being chased by camels etc.

Whilst traveling across land towards the Cedar Forest, a trip of several weeks, Gilgamesh regularly climbs to the mountaintop, makes an altar, and prays to Shamash to give them a sign that their mission will be successful. Then each night after doing so, Gilgamesh has ominous, disastrous-sounding dreams, but each time Enkidu interprets a positive spin on the meaning of those dreams.
As they approach the Cedar Forest, they start to become nervous. They can hear Humbaba bellowing and stamping around in the distance. They call out to Shamash for help and guidance. He communicates back to them that this is a good time to attack, as Humbaba does not have all of his armour on and is therefore more vulnerable. The pair resolve to enter the forest and make their attack.
However, at the last minute, Enkidu gets cold feet, and voices strong reservations about the mission, even stating he regrets leaving the wilderness in the first place. Gilgamesh gives him a rousing pep talk and they again agree to enter.