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Golf Harris: Who's Who

John Crewdson Vocals, keyboards, guitars

Paul Burke Guitars, vocals

With Some Help From....

Aran O'Carroll Drums

Luke Wood Bass Guitar

Justplaindave Slide Guitar

..... Backing band for the gigs in at The Show (Feb, 2004), Ryan's Bar and The Spread Eagle (May 2004).

Riccardo Terranova
Guitars, keyboards and songwriting on the first two albums and the only real genius in this story. Italian cookery expert and general aggro magnet.. Now lives in the USA.
Previously in: The Terrifics, Rooster, Death Valley Murmurs.

Sam Beckwith
Lyrics on "Biggest Fan", "Disappearing Now" (Misanthropy For Beginners 1997) “End of the Season”, "5 Year Plan", “Soaked in Diesel” (..The Ifs And Buts That Changed The World 2000).Previously In: Cosmonaut, The Candy Shrimps. Helped start this web site. Regular contributor to

Andy Taylor
Played Bass on Bruce Lietzke (2003)
Currently in: Sinister Footwear

Adam Scholes
Played Keyboards on “The King” (Bruce Lietzke 2003)
Currently in: Sinister Footwear

Warwick Durnian
Played bass at the first-ever Golf Harris gig and lent his guitar for the recording of Misanthropy For Beginners (1997). Co-wrote "I've Been Down" on ...The Ifs and Buts That Changed The World (2000) and "Not The Only One" (Bruce Lietzke 2003). Now lives in Newcastle.
Previously in: The Hirundu, Benfica, Gash

Chris Hulme
Played drums on The Present, Tense(1999)and ...The Ifs and Buts That Changed The World (2000).Current whereabouts unknown.

Gary Marsden
Played keyboards on The Present, Tense (1999) and ...The Ifs And Buts That Changed The World (2000).Special Powers: Qualified pilot and can drink 2 full bottles of Baileys every Christmas day. Runs Jellies nightclub in Blackpool.
Previously in: Shirley Bassey

Leanne Hobbs
Played Flute on “Paper Case” (The Present, Tense 1999).

Neil Allison
Played Bass on "5 year plan"(. . . The Ifs And Buts That Changed The World 2000), co-wrote "Disappearing Now" and "Biggest Fan" (Misanthropy For Beginners 1997) Previously in: Cosmonaut.Quote: "Can't cook, will cook". Sorry girls- he's married!

Heidi Brookes
Played Clarinet on “What’ll They Say” (The Present, Tense 1999).

Heidi Mayberry
Colouring outside the lines, backing vocals and penny whistle on "For you" (Misanthropy For Beginners 1997), backing vocals on "W.S.S.S." (...The Ifs and Buts That Changed The World 2000)

Chris Thompson
Played bass on The Present, Tense (1999).
Previously in: Dirk, Splendid Bitch Fiddle, Chang
Now plays in The Sound of the SuperString

Photoshop Art:: Ferrari Moon

Model: Ferrari Moon
Photoshopped by John Crewdson

The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project
"The only thing growing faster than the number of blogs on the internet is the number of blogs quoting Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics. At this rate, we’ll have a Half Man Half Biscuit lyrical event horizon about 2032 where nothing else is ever published.
Trouble is, like darts in soap operas, most of them are so wrong. So with too much time on my hands, obviously, I’m trying to rectify the situation, and not only build a complete set of lyrics, but actually get them right (with a lot of help from your comments and corrections). It may take years. Should you have already transcribed any lyrics yourself, and want to contribute them, please email me and contribute to the cause! If you’d like a link back to anything, let me know. Otherwise, I’m adding them in a fairly whimsical order."