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The Hinnies

The Hinnies were a great band, unfortunately I seemed to be in a minority in thinking this as they never achieved the fame that they so richly deserved. It was a case of being out of step with their times, a bit too soon.

I first saw 'The Hinnies' playing in Blackpool at an odd place called Sequins, it was odd as it was a typical Blackpool tacky club that for some reason had agreed to have an indie band night on once a week, the only such night in town. 'The Hinnies' were brilliant and helped by the excellent lighting that to a struggling 18 year old would be musician made them look like Gods.

They sounded a bit like The Pixies but with lush Beach Boy's-esque backing and pretty much exactly how I wanted my band to sound. (We didn't). Like the worst kind of groupies that bands get the late teenage boys that want to talk to bands for hours about what guitar pedals they use or what they thought about Sid Barrett, we were them and they ended up having to crash at my mums house as they had rather foolishly set off from London with a lack of forward planning.

We went to the pub the next day my friend, myself and the band and after many drinks Roger, the bands lead singer, guitarist and songwriter asked everyone if they could make their mum cry. I always remembered this as odd.

We would stay in contact with 'The Hinnies' and see them whenever they played anywhere up north. Then next time I saw them was in Preston, they were on The 'Strollercoaster tour' a spoof of the Jesus and Mary Chain's recent tour but this one for not so famous bands. We were sat backstage myself and a couple of mates from my band talking with a couple of 'The Hinnies' when John 'fat bastard' Beast of Carter infamy and tour organiser walked past and warned everyone about smoking weed backstage. Just as soon as we had finished dismissing him an over excited bouncer stormed in like he was a member of the SAS. He proceeded to find a tiny piece of solid on the floor and started to interrogate everyone with in the face over the top behaviour, now I would have dismissed him but then I knew no better, none of us did. Except Roger 'Hinnie' when confronted by this officious oaf he merely told him calm and simply to 'fuck off' and he did, well from him and back to us.

Later, half a dozen of us were escorted by the Police into the back of the van and onto Preston nick. Here we had to take off belts and shoelaces and give names and addresses and all looked and felt a bit stupid. Again except for Roger who when questioned on occupation simply replied 'musician'.
I was so jealous and in awe.

We spent the rest of the night in the cells, which was quite exciting, something in a perverse sense I'm glad I have achieved. We may not have been as rock and roll as 'The Hinnies' but they were from London, we were from Fleetwood and back home recounting our stories we felt every bit as rock and roll.

The Hinnies went on to record one album and split up, if you get the chance to hear it do as it was and still is a great album, if released today I'm sure it would have been a massive hit, well if the Stereophonics can make money, where's the justice?

Paul Burke