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My Diary December 1983: Birthdays, Videodiscs, Battlecars and Karate Discouragement

Reading from the twelfth and final installment of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which I get discouraged from doing karate, play Battlecars, make Plasticine 'Morphs', watch the non-Bond, Bond movie, turn 13, laugh at Tom and Jerry cartoons on Videodisc and get an Atari 400 for crimbo!
Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia...?

Watch the entire year here:

Vinyl Haul & Advice Wanted | December 2018


I need to upgrade my shonky cheapola 1970's 'hi-fi' into something decent and could do with some advice- should I go for something quality yet vintage or brand spanking new but on a budget? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Plus a look at my latest vinyl finds.

Vinyl PSA | Product Warning | 7" Blake Sleeves


Or "Why you should (sometimes) read the Amazon reviews"...

To reiterate: I've never had any problems with the 12 inch and Gatefold versions of these sleeves, just the (exactly) 7inch versions.

Introducing Edward: My American Friend Takes A 'Britishness' Quiz


I thought it was about time to introduce you to my good friend and musical collaborator Ed (A.K.A. Edward of Sim) and, as he's not native to these lands, test him on his knowledge of British culture from the 70's, 80's and 90's for a laugh.

Listen to Ed's music here:

Rock & Rule: The 80's Classic On VHS, DVD, LaserDisc and More...

A look at my Bro's collection of releases of classic 80's sci-fi rock n' roll musical animated feature film Rock and Rule featuring songs by Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop a special surprise at the end!

 Matt Talks Vinyl's vid:

Watch the entire film here!:

It's My Birthday (And I'll See What Was In The Charts In The Week I Was Born If I Want To)


To celebrate reaching the (frankly baffling) age of 48 I thought I'd indulge in a bit of musicastrology and see if the popular songs and albums from the week I was born have had any influence on my musical tastes by having a gander at the UK charts from 1970!

Not sure how I managed to miss out some of the entries (must be a sign of aging...) so apologies to Dorothy Squires for skipping her version of 'My Way' and not noticing until I'd exported the vid...

Oh and a surprising lack of xmas singles in the charts back then dontcha think?

My Vinyl Oddities Part 2

Part two of a look at some of the more outré items in my record collection including a well-known snookers player's ill-advised foray into pop music, a classic k-tel exercise record from the 70's and an album my dad made (sort of).

And A Cast of Thousands full album:
Full K-Tel Exerciser audio:
One Four Seven:

My Vinyl Oddities Part 1: Sound FX | Historic | Private Pressings

A look at some of the more unusual records in my collection including some Sound FX LP's and 70's school musical and me not knowing what the hell I'm talking about with regards to copyright/public domain and the creative commons... dig!

BBC Sci-Fi Sound FX side 1:
BBC Sci-Fi Sound FX side 2:
Journey Into Spaaaaace:

My Diary November 1983: Talisman, Fireworks And A Trip To London


Reading from the eleventh installment of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which I play the Talisman board game, collect used fireworks, play 'Pummel In The Dark' and visit London for the very first time!
Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!
Talisman Board Game pictures:

Food Review: Curry & Cassettes


Join me for a bit of a musical mukbang as I try to talk about some vintage cassettes whilst chowing down on a Morrison's Volcanic Vindaloo. For some reason.

Real Ale Craft Beer Losing His Mind From Eating A Phaal :

Bongo's Thrash Metal Demo:

Tatter vs. Eoshirundu: The Emperor's New Closet

This is a musical collaboration between Tatter, Edward of Sim and The Hirundu. Download it here:                                                                                                                             

Vintage Video: Bush E180HQ VHS Video Casette Cover

Mini Charity / Thrift Shop Haul & Rare Records In The Wild!


Just a few odds and ends I've picked up recently before my record buying hiatus plus some footage of some rare, but pricey charity shop records (all of which I had to leave behind).
 See if you can spot all the obvious mistakes... like when I call an E.P. a single. Oh and there was a big chunk of the video I had to cut out when I thought one of the albums came out 10 years after it actually did... (tip of the week: don't skip your research kids!)

 Tiger Feet on TOTP:

JAZZ Charity / Thrift Shop Vinyl Haul #7 (part 1)

Make a Jazz noise here! There comes a time in every middle aged record collector's life when they decide to dip their toes into the cool waters of Jazz ~ and I'm no exception.
A recent visit to my local charity shop saw me walking out with an armful of 1950's Jazz 10" records and, as a complete Jazz-newbie I thought I'd give them a spin and let you know my thoughts.
This is part 1 so there's more jazzy-goodness to follow in part 2. Dig!
Intro/Outro Music:

My Diary October 1983: Dark Tower Board Game, 80's Movies & Turnips For Halloween


Reading from the tenth installment from my 1983 Dairy Diary in which I obtain The Staff of Power, predict the future (by accident) and make a turnip lantern for Halloween (pumpkins were a rarity back in them days. Well in my part of the world they were.) Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

New Music Recommendations: WHIBLT? #3

What Have I been Listening To? Episode 3 in which I spin some tunes that have recently been floating my boat. Plus there's a couple of snippets from some friends of mine's new album and a little bit of self promotion in the form of a track that I had a hand in bringing to fruition
  Tatter vs. Eoshirundu on Bandcamp: http://tatter-vs-eoshirundu.bandcamp....
 Cartoon Food:

Listen to the tunes here:

I Made A Video Nasty: Rewatching The Feeble Dead!


So, for a bit of a Halloween Hoot I thought I'd unearth this monstrosity.. it's footage of 'The Feeble Dead', the no-budget horror 'movie' we tried to make one weekend back in 1987!
Gasp! At the terrible acting!
Shudder! At the cheesy not-so-special effects!
Watch! Rubber chickens getting pummeled with clubs!
Cringe! At Zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's BAD!! (No really.)

Original Fake Trailer from 2007:
Full Scan of the original VHS Cover Art: https://pitchandputtproductions.blogs...

The Feeble Dead VHS Cover Art

Vintage Video: Dixons Hi-Grade E-180 VHS Video Casette Cover

Groove #1: The Mystery Music Magazine | Led Zeppelin The Beatles & More


Join me for a look through the first edition of Groove Magazine ~ the mysterious early 70's British music mag that I can't find any information about on the internet. Full Page Scans Here: https://pitchandputtproductions.blogs...

Best Worst Band Names

I countdown my top 14 most & least favourite band names in a (sort of) response to Metal Mickey's video (, one of which is completely fictitious ~ can you spot the made-up band?

 Achtung! Contains swears and 'Mature Themes'; not suitable for those of a sensitive nature, a nervous disposition or a sophisticated sense of humour. May contain Nuts.

Vintage Video: Waltham E-180 Super Premium Grade VHS Video Casette Cover

Re-record Guaranteed Forever? What about in 5 Billion years when the dying Sun consumes the Earth and burns everything to cinders?

My Diary September 1983: Movies, RPG's, Dragon's Lair & Fish!

Reading from the ninth month of my 1983 diary in which I get into fish, play Army, watch several (now classic) 80's movies and, of course, play endless games of Dungeons & Dragons. Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

8 Bit Atari Game Clips courtesy of the Highretrogamelord Channel:

Charity/Thrift Shop Shopping & The Vinyl Tap

For the first time in aaaages I hit the second hand shops looking for records. Plus I visit to the newly opened Vinyl Tap pub/cafe bar at which you can select music from their collection of LP's whilst chugging down real ale or coffee and eating eggs or (but not and) bacon.

Vinyl Tap:

Fleetwood Heritage Day 2018 | Vintage Arcade Machines

It was recently the annual UK Heritage Day, when they open up historic buildings that aren't normally open to the public, so I went back to my home town to have a look inside the Mount and the Lower Light House. I also paid a visit to the Harbour Light's Arcade to drop some serious change into their collection of antique 'amusements'.

My Diary August 1983: Summer Holidays

  Reading the eight month of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which we go crabbing, play dens out and bulldog, I cycle to Blackpool and lose all my money (well £1), watch Hawk The Slayer on Betamax and visit the library! Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!