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Charity Thrift Shop Vinyl Haul 11: Zappa, Lorries, Rainbow and More!


In which I managed to find a Zappa album in the wild! (and possibly mispronounce the Dave Moire name??). Plus some 80's Indie in the form of a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry album, Altered Images, Rainbow, Renaissance, Boston, a cheapola Readers Digest comp of 70's cheese and Michael Jackson's Off The Wall. Dig!

24hr Music Challenge


In which I see how much music I can listen to in a 24hr period, in as many formats and on as many different devices as I can muster.

Flexi-Disc of Terror! Listening to The Unexplained's 'Voices of the Dead'


"Hey John, remember that creepy beyond-the-grave flexi disc that terrified you as a kid? Why not listen to it again for a video?" said my brother, so here it is; my reaction to re-listening to the freebie nightmare fuel flexi disc from The Unexplained magazine...

If you want to hear the whole thing: