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Dr Bone: Doom Jazz EP 1992

Recorded and mastered at Yew Tree Farm Studios, somewhere near Nottingham on 21st and 22nd November 1992.

released November 22, 1992

Engineered by Paul Talbot
All songs copyright S.B.T. Music 1992

The Mary Jane Massacre Live At The West Coast Rock Cafe Blackpool 1993


1. I Wanna Die
2. I'm Going Out Tonight To Die
3. It's Crap
4. Michelle's Deadly Rainbow
The Mary Jane Massacre are Jono Wills, Steven Hitchen and Derek Basterfield.

Journey Into Space [Full Album] John Glenn Space Flight Recording 1962 plus JFK Speech


A Souvenir recording of Colonel John Glenn's historic space flight on the Mercury-Atlas 6 Friendship VII rocket February 20th 1962. Commentators Reid Collins and Martin Caidin. Includes John Glenn's cockpit recordings and John F Kennedy's speech (starting at approx 31 mins). World Record Club vinyl album TP258