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My Diary February 1983: More Atari, Kinder Eggs and Fringe Tig??

Reading the second month of my 1983 Diary in which I play more Atari, draw comics, it snows (a bit), go swimming, and ride to Blackpool (and back) on my bike.
Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

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Nautilus -

Father Hoe Down Presents: Marque 'Play This Side Johnny'

Solo E.P. by ex-Hirundu member Marque.
Released as part of the Father Hoe Down Presents series.
1. Beaten
2. Funky Ganja
3. Life's A Shitter
4. Bangin
5. Steamin
All tracks copyright Marque. Year unknown.

Johnny Ceed Travels USA Trip 2013 Part 9: Arches National Park & Back To Moab

Abandoned Store Front, Moab