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My Vinyl Oddities Part 1: Sound FX | Historic | Private Pressings

A look at some of the more unusual records in my collection including some Sound FX LP's and 70's school musical and me not knowing what the hell I'm talking about with regards to copyright/public domain and the creative commons... dig!

BBC Sci-Fi Sound FX side 1:
BBC Sci-Fi Sound FX side 2:
Journey Into Spaaaaace:

My Diary November 1983: Talisman, Fireworks And A Trip To London


Reading from the eleventh installment of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which I play the Talisman board game, collect used fireworks, play 'Pummel In The Dark' and visit London for the very first time!
Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!
Talisman Board Game pictures:

Food Review: Curry & Cassettes


Join me for a bit of a musical mukbang as I try to talk about some vintage cassettes whilst chowing down on a Morrison's Volcanic Vindaloo. For some reason.

Real Ale Craft Beer Losing His Mind From Eating A Phaal :

Bongo's Thrash Metal Demo:

Tatter vs. Eoshirundu: The Emperor's New Closet

This is a musical collaboration between Tatter, Edward of Sim and The Hirundu. Download it here:                                                                                                                             

Vintage Video: Bush E180HQ VHS Video Casette Cover

Mini Charity / Thrift Shop Haul & Rare Records In The Wild!


Just a few odds and ends I've picked up recently before my record buying hiatus plus some footage of some rare, but pricey charity shop records (all of which I had to leave behind).
 See if you can spot all the obvious mistakes... like when I call an E.P. a single. Oh and there was a big chunk of the video I had to cut out when I thought one of the albums came out 10 years after it actually did... (tip of the week: don't skip your research kids!)

 Tiger Feet on TOTP:

JAZZ Charity / Thrift Shop Vinyl Haul #7 (part 1)

Make a Jazz noise here! There comes a time in every middle aged record collector's life when they decide to dip their toes into the cool waters of Jazz ~ and I'm no exception.
A recent visit to my local charity shop saw me walking out with an armful of 1950's Jazz 10" records and, as a complete Jazz-newbie I thought I'd give them a spin and let you know my thoughts.
This is part 1 so there's more jazzy-goodness to follow in part 2. Dig!
Intro/Outro Music:

My Diary October 1983: Dark Tower Board Game, 80's Movies & Turnips For Halloween


Reading from the tenth installment from my 1983 Dairy Diary in which I obtain The Staff of Power, predict the future (by accident) and make a turnip lantern for Halloween (pumpkins were a rarity back in them days. Well in my part of the world they were.) Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

New Music Recommendations: WHIBLT? #3

What Have I been Listening To? Episode 3 in which I spin some tunes that have recently been floating my boat. Plus there's a couple of snippets from some friends of mine's new album and a little bit of self promotion in the form of a track that I had a hand in bringing to fruition
  Tatter vs. Eoshirundu on Bandcamp: http://tatter-vs-eoshirundu.bandcamp....
 Cartoon Food:

Listen to the tunes here: