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Cleaning Moldy VHS Tapes: My First Attempt


*please remember to be safe: don't snort the mold, drink the Isopropyl or make sweet, sweet love to a plugged in VCR*

(seriously though - be careful with electronics and chemicals)

Anyway this is my first attempt at cleaning the mold from some old VHS tapes so I can put them into my good VCR for digitizing. 

After editing and uploading the video I realised I didn't actually say which method I thought was best! I'd say that if you have a machine with a suitable place to wrap something around then use the cotton pad method but if not then use the swab- I guess it depends on your machine. Also, I only cleaned one side of the tape so if necessary you might want to use a pad for one side and the swab for the other. 
I had a look online for professional cleaning services and there's plenty out there but I thought I'd have a go at doing it myself as the mold wasn't that bad.

If you want to see the vids that I watched prior to doing it (and there are more out there) then here are the links:

Devils Avalanche Films:
Dustin Kramer:
2ombieboy's VHS Vault:

ITN News 24th April 1991

The news, read by Tim Neilson.

My 12 inch Singles Collection part 1: 1978-1984


Remember when it seemed like every record had to have a 'club' remix- even if it wasn't a dance song? 12 inch singles were everywhere in the 80's but at a cost of nearly a tenner in today's money were they worth it? With this in mind I thought I'd go through all the 12 inch singles in my collection, in chronological order and this first installment goes from 1978 up to 1984.

Listening To An Album I Never Thought I Would Listen To

It's time to stop procrastinating and finally spin that record you've been putting off for ages!
Finally playing an album we've had kicking around for nearly 40 years. Was it worth the wait? 

Boring Movie Credits


Anyone know what the film is? I caught the last 5 minutes of it and it looked terrible. It's got Charlton Heston in it.

Vinyl Haul #3


A look at my most recent record pickups from June/July 2018. (the police siren wasn't overdubbed)

On Collecting Vinyl


Are you a completist collector or just in it for the thrill of the hunt? Also- some background on where my records came from and how I got back into collecting vinyl.

SCREAM INN Vintage Board Game by Denys Fisher Review

So despite me saying at the start that this is a video about things I'm selling on eBay, it's really only about one thing: the bafflingly complex 'Scream Inn' by Denys Fisher. This thing makes Dwarf Fortress look like Ludo.

My Diary June 1983: Return of the Jedi, Thatcher, Home Movies and Exams!


Reading the sixth month of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which Margaret Thatcher comes to town in a last ditched attempt at re-election, I go to see ROTJ at the cinema, play some obscure board games, get sunburnt, and take my summer exams.

Disney's Robin Hood Story Book 33rpm 7 Inch Record

The End Of CD's? Morning Ramble 7th July 2018


Some major retailers are no longer selling CD's - does this portend their demise? And will they be missed? Also, will original digital recordings eventually become lost as technology moves on and in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future will vinyl be the only way to listen to music?

The Retail Archaeology video:

Wimbledon 1977 Clam Shell VHS Video Tape Virginia Wade

Vibe Copyright - Is It Theft or 'Inspiration'?


When songwriting goes wrong! My Quick Thoughts On Music Plagiarism. Can you copyright the 'Vibe' of a song? If so is that a good thing or bad thing?

 Song Links:
Never Needed Now by The hirundu:
..which sounds just like: Staring At The Sun by U2:

It's Not You It's Me (It's You) by Golf Harris: ... which sounds like:
Another Girl Another Planet by The Only Ones:

Box O' Tapes #1: My Old Cassettes & Extended Music Waffle Chat


A general music chat inspired by going through one of my boxes of old cassette tapes from the 80's & 90's. It was unscripted so I've tried to correct any glaring factual errors in the edit but feel free to point out any mistakes in the comments (including how wrong I was about Bryan Adams...)

Sinister Footwear Playlist:

The Lovin' Family Compilation Playlist:
The Mary Jane Massacre Demo:

The Glow Worms Demo:

Eclectic Avenue Compilation Playlist:
The Show: