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The 1976/77 Kays Catalogue: Gifts Galore! Smoking Gear, Guns and Hifi's (part 3 of 5)


Welcome back to the third installment of the inexorable Nostalgia Funnel that is the 76/77 Kays Catalogue. In this episode we gasp at the plethora of quality gifts available from cigarette lighters, saucy jigsaw puzzles and heavy artillery inspired after-shave to guns. And there's a feast of faux wood paneling in the 'Hi-Fi' section. So, strap yourself in, spark up a cig and enjoy this trip down emphysema lane...

Blackpool In The Winter & Old Timey Arcades February 2018


My day out to Blackpool, February 2018. Not quite "The Seaside Town, They Forgot To Close Down" as it was still busy, despite the cold and I managed to find some old fashioned amusements and a shop selling vintage collectables of the future.

The 1976/77 Kays Catalogue: Clockwork Orange Furniture and Radient Pots and Pans (Part 2 of 5)


We move onto the Home and Garden section of the mid 70's tome of nostalgic wonderment that is the Kays Catalogue.

The 1976/77 Kays Catalogue: Garish Fashions, Massive Flares and 'Comfy' Toilet Seats (Part 1 of 5)


Part one of a trip back in time to the land of Crimp-O-Lean Suits, Block - A-Boots, Tartan, Garish Floor Coverings, The Clones of Noel Edmonds, Coke-Sweats and Man Made Fibers Galore! Oh and Purple. Lots and Lots of Purple. In this episode we browse the Ladies and Men's Fashions, Footwear and Soft Furnishings. Some scanned images (not mine) are here:

Pinto: 'Denis' (Punk Blondie Cover Version) Live at Jay Cee's Club

From the Jolly Arts Night at Jay Cee's Club, Grimsby 20th May 1993. Taken from the "A Load Of Old Rubbish" VHS Video compiled by Barry Briscoe.

Derelicte: Preston 2018 - Old Buildings, Wasteland & Urban Decay

A "Grim Up North" trip around the Church Street area of Preston and some of the old, un-renovated buildings and waste grounds. I was actually pretty shocked at some of the fly-tipping and piles of rubbish that had been left so close to the town centre.
I hope this vid doesn't give the wrong impression of Preston- it's not all like this - but this part of town seems to have got left behind and I wanted to document some the uniqueness that only comes with age and neglect it before it either all gets swept away or (hopefully doesn't) get any worse...

(Un) Lucky Dip? 100 Random Mystery Disks Box Unboxing Video


I counted them and there was actually 118 disks, only two of which were duplicates, so for £3.75 that's about 3p a disk. Proof, if proof be need be, that physical media is dead- but what are you going to watch when Skynet takes over and the internet goes down? And why don't they call it the World Wide Web anymore? These and other questions are completely ignored in this video I made of me taking things out of a box and then talking about them. And yes, I am planning on watching or listening to them all, well apart from anything I've already seen and maybe not every minute of every disk but I'll give them all a day in court and let you all know how I get on. Dig!

Star Fleet Battles Star Trek RPG Advert in White Dwarf Magazine 1983

90's Overload: MTV Commericals / Advert Break

Manhattan Cosmetics
Sony UX Cassette Tapes
Wasa Sticks (?)
Replay Jeans and some sort of Ice Beer

Double Bomb Blast Comics Fanzine Number 3 1984

Issue 3 of Double Bomb Blast- a homebrew fanzine created by Karl Crewdson and Mark Bowers (with additional articles by Tim Schinkel and Keith Barlow and artwork by Sue Mason) which was sold in the Odyssey 7 comic shop in Manchester. Featuring articles about Marvel Comics, Underground Comix, Dungeons and Dragons (sort of) and Stephen King with original comic strips in the form of a 2000 A.D. spoof called Jake & Sludge Go Shopping and Kosmik Banana. If I can get my hands on Issues 1 and 2 I'll post them on here too..enjoy! (Click on the pix to make them big)

Pops `72

Dave And The Elvis Guy Live at Jay Cee's Club 1993

From the Jolly Arts Night at Jay Cee's Club, Grimsby 20th May 1993. Taken from the "A Load Of Old Rubbish" VHS Video compiled by Barry Briscoe.

HAL 9000 Fridge Magnet: "Unfortunately this magnet killed 4 of my sleeping crew mates" Ebay Product Reviews

The truth
Unfortunately this magnet killed 4 of my sleeping crew mates and locked me out of my spaceship forcing me to escape and having to dive through the vacuum of space back into the ships airlock causing masses of damage. The magnet then began to sing Daisy at me while I had to remove its memory banks in order to prevent it completing its own mission and killing me in the process. To make matters worse I then fell into a 10 minute trip of colour where I aged in a matter of seconds and then died. To top it all off I have been reborn as a giant space baby although I do hope to reappear in a film with Roy Schneider soon. Great price, item turned up promptly

Perfect for when you're opening the pod bay doors... On your fridge
This fridge magnet is, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. I'll explain further. It's very well put together and made of a heavy duty crystalline plastic with the magnets apparently moulded in. The print quality is good, and it looks the business. I'm very happy with it.

HAL9000 Fidge Magnet. HAL9000 without the psychotic tendencies
This is the safe version of HAL9000, reprogrammed to be quiet and pretending to just be a fridge magnet. I still worry though its brooding with plans to take control of the fridge at any opportunity. The day will come when I go for some cheese one night.... I will hear "I'm sorry Steve," (my names Steve not Dave) "I'm afraid I can't do that."

Width Of A Circle : Sweet Hash On Sunday (Live 1990)

Filmed in Grimsby in 1990 Taken from the "A Load Of Old Rubbish" VHS Video compiled by Barry Briscoe.

My Diary March 1983: Pac Man Cards, Miner 2049er, E.T. And Frieands and a Police Chase!


Reading the third month of my 1983 Diary in which I play yet more Atari, more pool, watch more old films and watch the popo's chase down a "baddie".
Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling!
See what kids got up to before the internet!
Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

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