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Ben Rivers: Slow Action now available online

Probably one of my favourite films/ artworks of all time I was lucky enough to see Ben Rivers' excellent, atmospheric Slow Action films last year, sat in the dark on a bean bag in an East London basement (i.e. Matt's Gallery). Now showing at the Hepworth in Wakefield and in front of your face if you click this link:

Games Workshop Catalogue Of Adventure 1983

Games Workshop designs and manufactures
science fiction and fantasy games which provide
more challenge and intellectual stimulation
than the traditional 'roll-the-dice-and-move'
family games.
All of these games are packaged in stylish
'bookcase' boxes and the artwork throughout
is stunning: the box covers feature full-colour
illustrations by some of Britain's best young
science fiction and fantasy artists.
The range is constantly being added to with
exciting new games; the most recent releases
being Battlecars, Calamity!, Talisman and
In this introductory fantasy
game, 2 to 6 players embark
on a magical quest for the
Talisman which will enable
them to assume the Crown of
Command and rule the land.
They must roam a dangerous
world, fighting monsters and
each other with sword and
spell, finding treasures and
magic items and gaining allies
on their route. Each player has
a character with different skills
and powers which they must
use to advantage to win the
game. The full-colour box contains
a full-colour mounted
board, full-colour illustrated
character pieces, and over 100
illustrated spell and adventure
Warhammer is a complete
game system for fantasy
adventuring and wargaming.
Within the three volumes of
this boxed set, you will find all
the information needed to
play out fantastic battles and
role-playing adventures using
miniature figures and dice,
The rules cover combat,
magic, monsters, duelling,
mass combat, character
advancement and more and
includes two starter scenarios.
Suitable whether you are a
handful of adventurers, or a
general leading your army
into battle against a horde of
evil monsters.
The game is compatible
with the Citadel Miniatures
range of figures.
This game for 2 to 4 players,
invented by Andrew Lloyd
Webber, is set in the high-risk
world of international insurance.
Players gain wealth
from the premiums of the
policies that they hold, but
also may have to pay out if
any claims are made against
them. Wheeling and dealing,
skill and luck all play a part.
The full-colour box contains
the full-colour, mounted playing
board, a high-quality plastic
playing piece, a set of policy
cards, a pack of movement
cards, and the game's money.
The board gahie of deadly
driving in which 2 to 6 players
drive armoured, weaponbristling
cars around futuristic
city streets, each attempting
to destroy their opponents'
vehicles while keeping their
own on the road.
In this exciting board game,
two to six players, as different
incarnations of TV's famous
Doctor, race fr^m planet to
planet, collecting weapons,
allies and strange items while
trying to evade ea?h other and
battling such deadly enemies
as Cybermen and Daleks. You
need skill and luckto be first to
collect the Key of Chronos and
return in triumph to Gallifrey.
This sword and sorcery introductory
wargamefor 2 players
involves an heroic quest and a
climactic battle between the
forces of Good and Evil. The
components in the full-colour
box include a full-colour,
mounted map-board, 140
illustrated die-cut counters,
and the complete Valley of the
Four Winds story, which was
first published in White Dwarf
A strategic board game of
pure skill in which 2, 3, or 4
players compete for control of
Europe. The game mechanics
are ingeniously simple: but
considerable skill and subtlety
are required to win, despite
the vast armies and devastating
nuclear missiles. The
game is already acknowledged
as a classic abstract
The game of duelling wizards.
A card game for 2 to 6 players
who cast spells and counterspells
at each other while
duelling to the death in an
arena of standing stones. The
full-colour box contains all
that you need to play, including
a full-colour, mounted
board and 128 beautifully
illustrated cards.
A card game of un-natural
selection. Up to four players
compete to create and mutate
quirks of nature that will be
able to survive the changing
environment. Based on the
principles of evolution, this is
a game of luck, skill and
humour. There are special
rules for young children and
for solitaire play.
Quirks Expansion Sets 1 and 2
Each set contains new plant
and animal cards to allow for
even more bizarre creations in
your game of Quirks.
Based on the exploits of the
comic-book hero of the same
name. Judge Dredd is a board
game in which 2 to 6 players
try to stamp out crime in 22nd
century Mega-City One by racing
to the scenes of crimes to
battle with the perpetrators.
The game is fast-moving and
fun; the presentation captures
the flavour of the original
comic strip; the full-colour
box and board are illustrated
in comic style by the original
Judge Dredd artists, as are the
Crime, Perp and Action cards,
and the criminological guide
to Mega City One.
Judge Dredd. the toughest
lawman of all time, first
appeared as a comic-strip
hero in 2000 AD magazine.
This collector's series of large
paperback books reprints the
best stories. The seven titles
available are:
Judge DreddI
Judge Dredd II
The Cursed Earth I
The Cursed Earth II
Judge Caligula I
Judge Caligula II
Judge Death
Role-playing is the most original concept in
commercially available games for hundreds of
years, and Games Workshop are the experts.
RuneQuest, Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller,
and so on, are completely unlike conventional
games: they are systems of rules that enable
you to take part in adventures as characters
perhaps quite unlike yourself, in worlds
strangely different from your own. The subject
matter of role-playing games is frequently
drawn from science fiction and fantasy literature;
but with role-playing games you don't
just read about adventures — you live them
and help to create them.
In Traveller, for instance, you could be a grizzled
ex-major of the Space Marines, striking
out into the depths of space on a dangerous
smuggling mission; or, in Dungeons & Dragons,
you could be a wizard creeping along the
dark corridors of a long-abandoned castle,
fearful of traps, searching for treasure; or,
using RuneQuest, you could be a warrior
adventurer striding through the mythical world
of Glorantha, encountering strange demons
and monsters in your quest to become a hero.
Usually, a role-playing game session involves
2to6players, one of whom must be the referee
or Game Master (GM). The GM is the only one
who needs to know the game rules — in fact,
he needs to be very familiar with them as he is
responsible for creating the setting of the
adventure before the game begins, and for
controlling the game once it is in progress. In i
Dungeons & Dragons, for example, the GM
designs a labyrinthine dungeon, populates it
with monsters, decides where the treasure is
concealed, and monitors the progress of the
The only equipment that is needed for most
role-playing games is a supply of pencil and
paper, the books of rules and a GM who is
familiar with them and who has devoted some
time to designing the setting for the adventure.
The best way to start as a GM is usually to buy
the rulebook or the basic boxed set, to be
expanded at a later date with accessories to
add realism and life. Many players use miniature
figures to represent their characters, while
products such as Dungeon Floor Plans provide
a focus for the action and regulate the movement
and combat of the miniature figures. All of the
role-playing systems have a range of supplements
and scenarios which provide a wealth of
new rules and ideas, as well as complete ready made
adventure backgrounds for GMs.
by Ian Livingstone
This book is a comprehensive
introduction to the hobby of
role-playing games, including:
a solitaire fantasy adventure,
Eye of the Dragon; full
descriptions of Dungeons &
Dragons, RuneQuest, Tunnels
SI Trolls, and Traveller, lists of
all the available role-playing
games, accessories, magazines
and miniature figures; how to
create your own games and
paint miniature figures; and a
section on computer involvement
in role-playing games.
224 profusely-illustrated
pages, paperback.
A guide for beginners to the
longest-running role-playing
game, w r i t t e n by three Eton
schoolboys. Includes an introductory
mini-scenario and an
annotated adventure w i t h i n it.
185 pages, paperback.
This series of solo adventures
published by Puffin provides
an excellent introduction to
fantasy role-playing. The first
in the series is already a bestseller
and has been reprinted
five times. All of the books in
the series feature original art
on the covers and throughout
the text.
Each book is a complete
game, w i t h rules for magic
and combat; all you need to
add is a pencil, t w o dice and
an eraser. You become the
hero in a challenging' and
dangerous quest: Fighting
Fantasy Gamebooks let you
make the decisions and create
your own adventure. The
books in t he series are:
Warlock of Firetop Mountain
by Steve Jackson & Ian
The Citadel of Chaos
by Steve Jackson
The Forest of Doom
by Ian Livingstone
City of Thieves
by Ian Livingstone
Starship Traveller
by Steve Jackson
More titles in the series w i l l be published.

Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D) was the very
first role-playing game. It has since been revised
several times, and now exists in several I different
Basic Dungeons & Dragons is a relatively
unstructured system, designed for beginners.
Expert D&D extends the Basic rules and allows
for the progression of Basic D&D characters.
Supplements and scenarios for Basic and
Expert D&D ave compatible with each other.
Advanced D&D is a separate game system,
and much more complex than Basic and Expert
rules. It has its own range of supplements and
An ideal way to start fantasy
role-playing. Basic D&D allows
the GM a w i d e choice of fantasy
settings, w i t h monsters and
mythologies drawn f r om the
main-stream of sword and
sorcery pulp stories and European
f o l k t a l e s . The GM has at
his disposal Elves, Dwarves,
Wizards, Ores, Halflings, Trolls
and many more character
classes and creatures.
Dungeons & Dragons
The Basic Set (Revised)
The box contains t w o books
of r u l e s - f o r the GM and for
the p l a y e r s - including a solo
adventure and an introductory
scenario, and six polyhedral
Dungeons & Dragons
The Expert Set
This can be used only in conjunction
w i t h the Basic Set.
The box contains the Expert
Rulebook, packed w i t h additional
rules to expand the
scope of possible adventures
and allow player-characters
to reach higher levels of
experience; Module XI — a
ready-made adventure; and
six polyhedral dice.
The items contained in the
Expert Set are all available
Dungeons & Dragons
Expert Rulebook
Module XI
and all the different types of
Polvhedral Dice.
In Search of the Unknown
An introductory scenario
which allows the referee to
add his o w n choice of monsters
and treasure. A dungeon
adventure for 1-6 players,
character levels 1-3.
The Keep on the Borderlands
An introductory scenario
which pits t he adventurers
against the forces of chaos.
Dungeon adventure for 1-9
players, character levels 1-3.
Palace of the Silver Princess
In w h i c h the players explore
the ruins of the princess's
palace in search of a fabulous
treasure. Dungeon adventure
for 1-9 players, character
levels 1-3.
B4:The Lost City
Lost in the desert, the adventurers
stumble across a ruined
city. Inside they may find food
and wealth, but w i t h in the ruins
lurks a race of masked beings.
Dungeon adventure for character
levels 1-3 (details are
also included to help the GM
convert this module for play
w i th Expert D&D.
Ml: Blizzard Pass
The first solitaire adventure
for D&D, using invisible ink
and a special pen. You are a
lone thief in a goblin-infested
dungeon: can you survive?
Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
The second solitaire adventure
featuring the invisible ink'
and special pen.
X1: The Isle of Dread
The adventuring party must
journey through a perilous
jungle and swamp to reach a
lost plateau and discover the
secrets of the Isle of Dread.
This adventure is designed to
help novice GMs design their
own adventures. A wilderness
adventure for 6-10 players,
character levels 3-7.
X2: Castle Amber
The players are trapped in a
mysterious castle. In a life or
death race, they must find the
key to escape the murderous
Amber family. A dungeon/
wilderness adventure for 1-9
players, character levels 3-6.
X3: Curse of Xanathon
An adventure in five parts.
Rhoona is a town blighted by
a curse and threatened by a
dwarven army. The adventurers
are hired to discover the
secret of the curse before the
dwarves arrive. A dungeon/
town/wilderness adventure for
5-8 players, character levels
Master of the Desert Nomads
War has come to the fertile
lands on the edge of the desert
and the players are entrusted
with an important secret mission.
Can they cross the Sind
desert occupied by the
enemy? Can they find the one
known only as 'The Master'?
Find out in this, the first module
in a two-part adventure for
6-8 characters of 6th-9th level.
This module can be played on
its own or concluded in the
second module in the adventure,
Temple of Death.
X5: Temple of Death
The concluding adventure in
the 'Desert Nomads' series,
begun with Master of tfie
Desert Nomads.
by Judges Guild
Book of Treasure Maps 1
Five mini-dungeons complete
with'authentic maps and playaids
for both GM and players.
Book of Treasure Maps 2
Five mini-dungeons as above,
GenCon IX Dungeon
Two scenarios — Baldemar
Castle/Staff of Albalon for
levels 6/7 and Temple of Diklah/
Helm of Valasdum for levels
8/10, (Expert)
Tower of Ulission
A wilderness quest to the dead
village of Ulission and its black
tower. (Expert)
Spies of LighteK
A scenario set in the wilderness
villages of Lightelf and
Palewood plus the area called
the Wood of Gnomes. Includes
25 wilderness maps. {Expert)
Character Sheets
A convenient way to record ^
details of characters' statistics
and equipment.
Geomorph Collection
A simple system with which
GMs can design dungeon and
cave complexes, Pre-printed
sheets of interconnecting
rooms and caverns.
Monster & Treasure
Complements the Geomorph
Collection. Provides 900
monsters, treasures and traps,
plus a method of randomly
allocating them to dungeon
The Unknown Gods
43 Deities for player characters
to encounter or adopt.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons {or AD&D) is a
more complex game than Basic and Expert
D&D. The rules, although similar, are more
developed and allow greater scope for character
and adventure development.
The rules for >4D&D comprise
five hardback volumes of
which the first two listed are
the principle volumes, while
the others are supplementary
material. The five volumes are:
Dungeons Masters Guide
240 pages packed with essential
information for the >4D&D
Dungeon Master (GM), with
complete rules for combat and
magic, and instructions on how
to run adventures/campaigns.
Players Handbook
128 pages of information for
adventurers, including full
details on character classes
and races, alignments, spells,
weapons and equipment.
Monster Manual
Information and illustrations
for over 350 monsters for GMs
to include in their campaigns.
Fiend Folio
200 new monsters for AD&D,
many of them invented in the
UK and first published in
White Dwarf magazme.
Deities & Demigods
Heroes and divinities from
historical and mythological
pantheons, and how to use
them in the AD&D game.
T1: The Village of Hommlet
Adventurers may find themselves
facing the robber bandsin
the wilderness about the
village or worse—the strange
monsters that lurk about the
ruined Temple of Elemental
Evil. A wilderness/dungeon
scenario for 4-6 players,
character levels 1^3,
T2A: Temple of Elemental Evil
The first part of the actual
Temple itself, which can be
played as a continuation of
The Village of Hommlet or in
its own right.
L1: The Secret of Bone Hill
An adventurewhich features
the sleepy town of Restenford
whereall is not what it seems,
and a wilderness which contains
evil creatures in search
of easy prey. Town/dungeon/
wilderness scenario for 2-8
players, character levels 2-4.
N1: Against the Cult of the
Reptile God
Orlane was a once thriving
community of men. Now it is
in decline, the scene of evil
doings and mysterious
occurrences. The party must
save the town by journeying
beneath the swamps to root
out the reptile cultists. Town/
dungeon adventure for 4-7
players, character levels 1-4.
A series of seven adventures
which draw the adventurers
into a conspiracy threatening
the domain of mankind.
G1-3: Against the Giants
Three linked scenarios— •
Steading of the Giant Chief, .
Glacial Rift of the Frost GlariFJarl
and Hall of the Fire Gidnt"
King. The adventurers face a
rebellion of the giants and
must survive encounters with
Hill, Frost and Fire Giants.
Dungeon adventure for 5-9
players, character levels 6-9.
D1-2: Descent into the Depths
of the Earth v^^'''
Comprising the two linked
scenarios—Descent into the
Depths of the Earth and Shrine
of the Kuo-Toa. Beneath the
Hall of the Fire Giant King, the
adventurers discover a series
of caverns, and evidence that
the Dark Elves — the Drow —
caused the Giants' rebellion.
Another race, the fish-men or
Kuo-Toa, also inhabits the
perilous caverns — can they
become the players' allies?
Dungeon adventure for 6-9
players, character levels 9+,
D3: Vault of the Drow
The adventurers are now
aware that the Drow plot the
overthrow of mankind. The
party enters the Drow stronghold
to crush their leader,
queen Lolth. Dungeon adventure
for 6-9 players, character
levels 10-14.
01: Oueen of the Demonweb
Queen Lolth is a demon lord
resident on another plane; the
adventurers seek the means
to enter her domain for the
final confrontation. Dungeon
adventure for 6-9 players,
character levels 10-14.
A1: Slave Pits of the UJnn/Veerrcciitty
For years vicious marauders
, have raided the coastal lands,
" burning villages and carrying
off f/eople as slaves. Adventarers
are required to oppose
I thfi'scourgeanddestroythose
f -whb direct it. Dungeon advenf
'fuffefor 6-9 players, character
levels 4-7.
A2: Secret of the Slavers'
Having rooted out one slaver
strqnghold, the adventurers
hear hints of a second fortress
and awful rumours about the
fate of slaves sent to it. Town/
: duhngeon adventure for 6-9
' players, character levels 4-7.
A3: Assault on the Aerie of
the Slave Lords
The adventurers discover that
the slavers'attacks are part of
a greater conspiracy; they
resolve to journey though
perilous mountains to secure
the source of the mystery.
, Dungeon adventure for 6-9
I; players, character levels 4-7.
A4: In the Dungeons of the
Slave Lords
In which the players find
themselves imprisoned within
the Slave Lords'stronghold.
The party must race against
time to escape before the
I ^ Earth Dragon destroys the
I ' caverns. A dungeon adventure
' for 6-9 players, character
levels 4-7.
SI: Tomb of Horrors
The adventurers enter the
labyrinth tomb of a demi-lich
in search of his treasure of
valuable magical items, facing
monsters and traps which are
deadly and devious. Dungeon
adventure for 1-20 players,
character levels 6-14.
S2: White Plume MountafrT
A person called Keraptis has
stolen some highly valuable
magical items and taken them
to fabled White Plume Mountain.
The adventurers are
hired to recover the relics, but
is Keraptis a human imposter
or a legendary and ancient
wizard? Dungeon adventure
for 1-10 players, character
levels 5-10.
S3: Expedition to the Barrier
Fierce and unnatural beasts
threaten a peaceful domain.
The adventurers are hired to
travel through a perilous
mountain range to discover
the evil controlling the monster
bands. Dungeon adventure for
1-15 players, character levels
S4/WG3: The Lost Caverns of
In which the adventurers journey
through the desolate Yatil
mountains in search of the
Caverns of Tsojcanth, the resting
place of a vast treasure
hoard. Can the party survive
the unknown perils that await
them and become wealthy or
will they perish like those who
went before them? Wilderness/
dungeon adventure for 6
players, character levels 6-10.
WG4: Forgotten Temple of
This adventure takes as its
starting point an incident in
S4A/VG3. Adventurers are
hired by the Lord of Gnome
Vale to root out the evil band
that threatens his domain and
destroy that which commands
them. Features many monsters
from Fiend Folio. Dungeon/
wilderness adventure for
character levels 5-10.
EX1: Dungeonland
An astounding, dangerous
and amusing adventure first
conceived as part of Gary
Gygax's Greyhawk Castle
dungeon complex. For 9th-
12th level characters. This
module may be played separately
or linked with The Land
Beyond the Magic Mirror.
EX2:The Und Beyond the
Magic Mirror
The companion module and
continuation of the adventure
in the wondrous world discovered
in Dungeonland.
UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave
Tempted by a handsome
reward, your party ventures
into the crystal caves to rescue
two lovers who disappeared
there over 2 years ago. For 5-10
players, character levels 3-6.
U1: Sinister Secret of
In which the adventurers enter
a mysterious haunted house,
and uncover a deadly band of
marauders and a sinister mystery.
Dungeon adventure for
1-9 players, character levels
U2: Danger at Dunswater
The sequel to U1. The adventurers
are sent from Saltmarsh
to reconnoitre the lair of the
Lizardmen. En route, they find
themselves in deadly encounters
with watery denizens and
uncover a threat worse than
the Lizardmen. Wilderness/
dungeon adventure for 6-10
players, character levels 1-4.
C1: Hidden Shrine of the
In which the adventurers
explore a ruined city in search
of the mysterious shrine of
the Tamoachan. The scenario
includes a tournament scoring
system as well as a selection
of pre-rolled adventurers for
the playersto adopt. Dungeon
adventure for 5+ players,
character levels 5-7.
C2: Ghost Tower of Inverness
To avoid execution, the
players must journey to the
Ghost Tower to seek out the
fabulous but deadly Soul Gem.
Includes a tournament scoring
system and a selection of prerolled
adventurers. Dungeon
adventure for parties of 5
players, character levels 5-7.
II: Dwellers of the Forbidden
The adventurers enter a weird
and deadly jungle in order to
locate the fabled Forbidden
City, its people and treasure.
Tournament dungeon for 6-8
players, character levels 4-7.
12: Tomb of the Lizard King
Ruthless brigands have halted
the trade in the land of Eor,
and military forces sent to
investigate have mysteriously
vanished. Something is very
wrong, can your party of
adventurers find out what?
For character levels 5-7.
13: Pharaoh
Will the adventurers be able
to survive a trip to the ancient
pyramid of Amvu-re to free
his cursed soul? First module
in The Desert of Desolation
seriesforcharacter levels 5-7.
14: Oasis of the White Palm
Lost in the Desert of Desolation
and low on water, your
party must survive to warn
the sheik of the Oasis of the
White Palm of the danger that
looms in the wilderness. For
character levels 6-8,
15: The Tomb of Martek
The third module in The
Desert of Desolation series.
by Judges Guild
Swashbuckling campaign in
which the party enters the
perilous domain of a wizard.
Wilderness/dungeon adventure
for character levels 5-9.
The Tower of Indomitable
Suitable for low-level characters
but not inexperienced
players, this scenario balances
hack and slay excitement with
problem solving as the players
explore a six level tower and
underground complex.
The lllhiedrin Book
The adventurers search a
ruined tower for the fabulous
magical tome that will restore
the freedom of a wizardess. A
wilderness/dungeon adventure
for beginning characters.
The Maltese Clue
A tongue-in-cheek adventure
that closely follows the plot of
the Humphrey Bogart movie.
The plot revolves around a key
which will reveal the contents
of a magic book. Wilderness/
dungeon scenario for higher
Operation Ogre
The adventuring party must
try to rescue an Elven princess
from the Ice Ogres. A dungeon
scenario for character levels
5-9. Pre-rolled characters are
Escape from Astigar's Lair
The adventurers enter the
wizard Astigar's lair in order
to free a comrade. The players
require considerable roleplaying
skill to be successful.
A pre-rolled three-man team
is provided.
Portals of Torsh
Three scenario guides, one of
which features lizard men and
Portals of Irontooth
Features a world whose denizens
sport iron-clad teeth.
Portals of Twilight
Wilderness, town, and castle
scenario guides based in a
world of perpetual twilight.
Lara's Tower
Battle hordes of evil creatures
to find the fabulous treasures
that abound in Lara's Tower
The Dungeon Master's Screen
Two 11"x25" cards printed
w i t h the most commonlv used
charts and rules for AD&D.
The screen also conceals the
Games Master's maps, plans
and information f r om the
Rogues' Gallery
Pre-generated NPC'sof all
classes and for all types of encounter.
Ideal for harrassed
Character Adventure Folder
Records in detail the progress
of one player character.
Non-player Character Records
On which the Games Master
can keep details of the nonplayer
characters under his
AD&D Character Sheets
On which players record
details of their characters'
statistics and equipment.
The Fighting Wheel
A cunning slide calculator
which speedily resolves combat.
Covers the following
character classes — Fighters,
Paladins, Rangers and Bards.
Dungeon Masters Log
Standard sheets for recording
the important details of a
group of adventurers.
Monster Cards
Each set contains 20 cards.
The front of each card shows a
full colour illustration of a
monster from the Monster
Manual, the Fiend Folio, or
one of the 3 entirely new
monsters in each set, the
reverse carries the statistics
(size 3 " x 5 " ) . The sets are:
Set 1: Ankheg, Barbed Devil,
Centaur, Constrictor Snake,
Displacer Beast, Frost Giant,
Ghoul, Giant Weasel, Grippli,
Kobold, Lizard Man, Mihstu,
Neo-Otyugh, Red Dragon,
Sahuagi, Salamander, Treant,
Triceratops, Werewolf and
Set 2: Galeb Dubr, Gelatinous
Cube, Giant Scorpion, Goblin,
GoldDragon, Hill Dwarf, Hill
Giant, Hippogriff, DxitxachitI,
Land Urchin, Roper, Sabertooth
Tiger, Satyr, Spectre,
Stone Golem, Thri-Kreen,
Troglodyte, Type V Demon,
Tyrannosaurus Rex and
Umber Hulk.
Set 3: Androsphinx, Blink Dog,
Carnivorous Ape, Carrion
Crawler, Efreeti, Ettin, Giant
Slug, Gnoll, Grey Elf, Jaguar,
Locathah, Mummy, Nycadaemon,
Peryton, Silver Dragon,
Sea Wolf, Sylph, Tunnel Worm,
Wemicand Will O' Wisp.
Set4: Axebeak, Black Dragon,
Bombardier Beetle, Bugbear,
Direwolf, Gorgon, Halfling,
Hippocampus, Hybsil, Korred,
Leucrotta, Merman, Oblivax
Moss, Rust Monster, Stone
Giant, Succubus, Su-Monster,
Vampire, Weretigerand Wind
A range of fantasy paperbacks
suitable for young children.
The books are adventure
stories w h i c h a l l ow t he reader
to take decisions w i t h i n the
story which influence the outcome
of t he plot. The books in
the series are:
Pillars of Pentegarn
Pursued by goblins, you enter
an enchanted w o r l d and w i th
the aid of a wizard, a fighter
and an elf seek to return the
troubled land to its former
peaceful state.
The Mountain of Mirrors
Sent to establish contact with
a lost elven village, you journey
to the Mountain of Mirrors
where you f i nd gruesome
monsters and the answer to
your quest.
The Dungeon of Dread
As a noble fighter, you e n t ^
the domain of an evil wizard,
f i g h t i n g strange creatures and
agathering treasure.
Return to Brookmere
You are a y o u n g prince returning
to your father's castle to
reclaim your inheritance. But
beware: ores, goblins and an
unspeakable horror have
occupied your former home.
Revolt of the Dwarfs
Captured by dwarven warriors,
w h o have just begun
their revolt against human
rule, you escape and must
m a k e y o u r w a y t o t h e k i n g a nd
warn of the impending
Revenge of the Rainbow
Forced into a duel of wizards,
you are magically separated
f r om your teacher, Pentegarn,
who battles for his life against
three evil wizards. You must
get back to h i m!
Beginners: Would you like to become a warrior
adventurer and explore a strange barbaric
world where magic is real and heroes are in
demand? With your imagination and RuneQuest
— the easy-to-play fantasy role-playing game
— you can.
The world that you will find described in the
RuneQuest rutebooks is Glorantha: a mythical
continent inhabited by men and other strange
peoples such asTrolls, Dwarfs, and Dragonewts.
It is a place where you will have to live by your
wits, your sword and your battle magic to wrest
treasures from gruesome monsters who will
often be as intelligent as yourself.
Experienced Players: Are you looking for the
game which will really match your imagination,
or which you can use as the basis for your
own adventure world? If so, then consider what
RuneQuest offers:
RuneQuest combat is realistic, but tfie system
used is playable and won't slow your
adventure down.
RuneQuest magic is different. Battle magic
is available to all adventurers and enhances
tfieir persona! abilities; RuneMagic is more
powerful but can be learnt only after training
with the cults. RuneQuest magic produces
balanced parties made up of adventurers
who have to be played as personalities
rather than fighting machines.
RuneQuest Cults combine in one concept
the ideas of character alignment, improvement
and special attributes. The player is
responsible for his own character's
development, leaving the GM to concentrate
on building the campaign.
RuneQuest has a game system that is flexible
and adapts to your own requirements, as is
proved by the very different games,
Stormbringer and Call of Cthulhu, which
are both based on the RuneQuest system.
Boxed Set
This is where the RuneQuest
adventure begins for both the
beginner and the experienced
player. It contains Basic Role-
Playing, a simple introduction
to the RuneQuest system w i th
which beginners can run a roleplaying
adventure w i t h i n the
hour; the RuneQuest rulebook
— part story, part rules; the
ready-to-play scenario Apple
Lane gives you a first taste or
RuneQuest adventure and excitement;
Fangs lists ready-toroam
monsters and enemies;
and 6 polyhedral dice. RuneQuest
is ready to play: just
add your imagination.
Several of the items in the
RuneQuest set are available
RuneQuest Rulebook
Basic Role-Playing
Apple Lane
Each of the different types of
Polyhedral Dice
Cults of Prax
The main RuneQuest supplement
offers the player the
choice of 15 Rune Cults which
act as a guide to the behaviour
fo player characters and give
access to the powerful spirit
'Rune Magics': Aldya the Elf
Goddess; Chalana Arroythe
Healer; Daka Fal cultof AncestorWorship;
Eiritha the Herd
Mother; Humakt theWar God;
Issaries the Trader God; Kyger
Liter the Troll Ancestress;
Lhankor Mhy the Knowledge
Lord; Orlanth God of Adventurers;
Pavis the City Cult;
Seven Mothers Cult of the
Lunars; Storm Bull the Berserker
God; Waha the Nomads
Deity; Yelmalio God of Light;
and Zorak Zoran the Troll War
God. The organisation, myths,
customs and Rune Magics of
each Cult are fully described,
while excerpts from the
Travels of Biturian Varosh set
the Cults in the context of
Glorantha and offer hints on
their use during play.
Cults of Terror
Nine Cults for non-player
characters like Broos and
Scorpion Men: Primal Chaos;
Malliathe Mistress of Disease;
Bagog the Scorpion Queen;
Thed Mother of Broos; Vivamort
Lord of the Undead;
Thanatar the Severed God;
Crimson Bat; Krashtthe Hungry
One; and Nysalor/Gbaki
the Brifgt One/Deceiver. The
organisation, myths, customs
and Rune Magics of each Cult
are fully described and
excerpts from the Accounts of
Paulis Longvale put the Cults
in Gloranthan context,
640 pre-generated treasure
hoards for use in RuneQuest
adventures. Each hoard details
the number of Clacks, Lunars,
Wheels, Gems and special
items the monster or nonplayer
character has accumulated.
The second section of
P/under describes 43 fabulous
and magical treasures from
the RuneQuest game world,
with details of physical
appearance, associated cults,
history and the use of the item.
Includes such curiosities as
Aldryami Arrows, Chaos
Slime, Dragonewt Armour,
Morokanth Thumbs and
Storm Bull's Ear.
This supplement offers complete
statistics for 45 Runelevel
characters for the cults
described in Cults of Prax.
Primarily intended as a source
for Rune-level non-player
characters, RuneMasters also
offers guidelines on group
melee tactics so that players
can either become part of the
Rune Lord's retinue or fight
against it.
This contains the statistics of
1200 Gloranthan characters for
use by GMs in almost any
encounter. Foes is divided into
these major classes: Aldryami;
Dragonewts; Beastmen; Trolls;
Lycanthropes; Undead;
Human-kind; Nomads and
Flying Creatures.
This boxed source and adventure
packfor fluneQuesf Trolls
gives players and referees
Uzlore and the Book of Uz
which tell of Troll history and
society, their major Cults and
guidelines for running Troll
player characters. The Cults
described are: Aranea Goddess
of Spiders; Xiola Umbar
Sister of Zorak Zoran; Argan
Arger God of Darkness;
Gorakiki Goddess of Insects;
Hunter Foundchild; Kyger
Litorthe Troll Ancestress; and
Zorak Zoran God of War.
The adventures in the pack
are: The Caravans — in which
the players encounter Troll
merchants, assassins and
marauders; SkyfatI Lake —an
opportunity to explore a Troll
town, Grubfarm, and steal
royal jelly from giant bees;
Flying Trollkin — in which the
adventurers must attempt to
rescue a kidnap victim from
the clutches of desperate
Trollkin; Sazdorf Clan — a battle
against the Trolls of
Szadorf; and the Munchrooms
— which features an assault
on a cave stronghold to claim
the prize of magical mushrooms,
Tro//pa* also includes a map
of Dagori Inkarth —the Troll
lands to the north of Sartar
and Prax — plus the rules and
playing field layout for
The Gateway Bestiary
This provides'GMs with a
selection of non-Gloranthan
monsters and beings for use
in Gloranthan campaigns or
in their own game worlds. The
Bestiary covers giant insects,
the monsters of Greek mythology,
Celtic horrors, creatures
of the Cthulhu mythos. Hunting
Cats and familiars,
dinosaurs, and the whimsical
but very dangerous creations
of Lewis Carroll, including the
RuneQuest Character and
Adventure Sheets
Each pad contains 30 sheets
for players to record the statistics,
possessions and background
of their characters,
plus 80 sheets for recording a
character's activities during
an adventure.
The RuneQuest Companion
A large, magazine-type softback
book containing articles,
scenarios and fiction connected
with RuneQuest. It will be published
on an irregular basis, as
and when enough interesting
material is collected
Each set comes in a full colour
box with a foam insert to protect
the figures when painted.
The sets are;
1: Humanoid Adventurers
Ten adventuring characters
from the following Cults of
Prax: Daka Fal; Storm Bull;
Waha; Eiritha; Humakt; Seven
Mothers; Pavis; Yelmalio;
Issaries; Chalan Arroy.
2: Adventurers
Ten figures including Lhankor
Mhy and Orlanth human
adventurers, Kygor Litor and
ZorakZoran Troll adventurers,
and a human fighter.
3: Attack of the Broo
Nine figures of Broo and
knights locked in combat
including a Broo biting a
knight and a mutant twoheaded
4a: Broo II
Ten vile, cross-bred Broo,
based on the ghastly descriptions
given in RuneQuest Borderlands.
As well as regular
Broo, the set includes dreaded
rhino-, iguana- and unicornheaded
Broo as well as a Broo
Runepriest with whip.
5: Dragonewts
Two Newtlings, two Crested
Dragonewts, two Beaked Dragonewts,
Tailed Priest, a Full
Priest, and two Demi-Birds.
6: Humans & Aldryami
Two Lunars, an Ogre, Thief,
Elf, Dryad, Pygmy, Pixie, plus
two Runners.
7: Flying Creatures
Gargoyle, Griffin, Manticore,
Wind Child, and Wyrm.
Greg Stafford
Rudy Kraft
Apple Lane
Two scenarios — Gringle's
Pawn Shop and the Rainbow
Mounds — designed to introduce
player-characters to the
world of Glorantha and the
mechanics of RuneQuest
combat. This scenario Is
included in the RuneQuest
boxed set.
Snakepipe Hollow
The Hollow is a haven of
Chaos in the Dragon Pass area
where player-characters can
meet some of Glorantha's
most dangerous and ghastly
beings. The booklet is written
as a series of scenario suggestions,
with complete background
for each, which can be
linked together to create a
nerve-racking campaign. For
high level characters.
A boxed set containing seven
linked scenarios set along the
River of Cradles, a fertile valley
to the east of Prax. The
adventures are: Scouting the
Land; OutlawHunt —aid Duke
Raus in his efforts to clear the
riverof pirates; Jezra's Rescue
— recover a kidnapped child
from the Tusk Riders;
Revenge of Muriah — exterminate
Broos or perish from their
plagues; 5-Eyes Temple —
assault the Newtling Temple;
Condor Crags — steal eggs
from the Giant Condors of
Prax; andToGiantland — venture
to a giant's castle and
seize a magical sword.
Along with the seven separately
bound adventures, come
two GMs booklets — one a
guide to the campaign area,
its society and personalities,
the other a denizen encounter
book including Praxian Riders,
Broos and the Morokanth; a
17"x22" campaign map; and
play aids which include 'original'
documents for the
players' use.
The pack takes beginner
characters up to intermediate
level and may be run into the
Griffin Mountain campaign
pack if desired.
'BIG' ' '
Griffin Mountain
An enormous scenario and
source book covering Baiazar
and the Elder Wilds —areas to
the north of Prax. In a series of
articles. Griffin Mountain
describes the countryside, the
people and their history. Over
400 non-player characters and
monsters are included complete
with their motivations,
history and statistics. Griffin
Mountain is for intermediate
to high level characters.
Paw's — threshold to danger is
an intermediate to advanced
level adventure pack set in the
legendary city of Pavis.
Included in the boxed threebooklet
set is all the information
the players and Games-
Master will need to know
about the history, cults, personalities,
government and
places of interest in the city.
Two large maps detail Pavis
and the surrounding countryside.
Of the five scenarios.
Welcome to the City situates
the characters and introduces
them to Pavis. Raus House
Robbery is a compact adventure
covering an evening's
play; whilst The Cradle is a
multi-episode adventure on a
truly epic scale.
The Big Rubble
The boxed companion pack to
Pavis, detailing and mapping
the rubble of Old Pavis with its
history, denizens and several scenarios.
by Judges Guild
City of Lei Tabor
A complete city suitable for
intermediate level characters.
Details are included for the
city's inhabitants, shops,
cults, inns, and temples.
Duck Pond
An intermediate adventure
set amid the ruins of a trading
Duck Tower
An intermediate adventure
set in a ruined citadel.
Broken Tree Inn
Three intermediate level
scenarios concerning the
struggle between Aldryami
Elves, the Dryads of Tall Seed
Forest and the encroaching
men from the city of Whom.
A series of solitaire adventures
in softback book form,
which require only the
RuneQuest rulebook to play.
The errors in the US versions
have been corrected in these
UK editions.
SoloQuest I
Three beginning adventures:
DreamQuest — you journey
to the Ethereal Plane to do battle
on behalf of your Cult;
Phoney Stones — can you
unmask the perpetrator of the
Issaries fraud?; and Maguffin
Hunt — you enter a dwarven
stronghold to recover a stolen
SoloQuest II: Scorpion Hall
An intermediate campaign
adventure that can be played
again and again. You must
journey through a dangerous
wilderness, enter the Scorpion
Men's lair, battle strange
denizens and destroy a chaos
brood. You then have to get
out alive — and rich.
SoloQuest III:
The Snow King's Bride
An intermediate to advanced
wilderness campaign. You
must protect the Snow King's
bride-to-be on her journey
through a frozen wilderness
facing frost demons and other
horrors along the way.
New worlds of adventure for
RuneQuest are opened by the
Questworld pack. It is the US
version of the Questworld
concept—a game world which
will be developed by Chaosium
in conjunction with companies
licenced to produce RuneQuest
material and RuneQuest *
players themselves.
The boxed set contains four
booklets. The introduction to
Questworld and the Greenwald
campaign map give you
a complete geography and
cosmology for Chaosium's
continent of Kanos which is
compatible with Gloranthan
Candelfire is a booklet of
adventures set in a rowdy border
town, whose people live
for gambling and excitement.
Adventurers can sample the
delights of four Questworld
Cults, master the bull whip or
participate in three adventures:
A Simple Task — an
epic tale of smuggling,
ambuscade and gambling;
Snatching Drucker — the kidnapping
of a fat gambling
rogue; and Guard Duty — an
encounter with the Bolo Lizard
riders and their strange allies.
Lord Skyppens Mansion is a
short adventure campaign for
strong parties. The adventurers
accompany the heir to a
mansion to claim his inheritance;
travelling through
dangerous woodlands,
exploring a desolate mansion
and investigate the horrors of
some catacombs.
Greenwald Tales contains
four introductory adventures:
Enemy Apes — encounters
with intelligent ape villains;
Treasure Mfap for Sale — a
gruesome treasure hunt;
Thief Thief—a huntfora band
of Trollkin in the sewers
beneath a town; and Cats and
Dragons — a solitaire adventure
with the lure of rich
Games Workshop be publishing
Quesfwor/d adventures
set in our own continent
ofTheelar — see White Dwarf
RuneQuest and the following games share a
common basic game system. In each individual
game, this system has been carefully
modified to enable referees to create realistic
and exciting environments for their players.
Role-playing in the world of H
P Lovecraft's dark fantasy
novels. You will be familiar
with the period in which this
game is set — the thoroughly
modern world ofthe 1920's —
but nothing will have prepared
you for the ghastly
monsters ofthe Cthulhu
mythos. They are the old ones
who lurk at the edge of sanity
and science, forever plotting
the end of mankind. Playercharacters
must oppose this
unearthly conspiracy and at
the same time convince a
doubting world of its danger.
The Call of Cthulhu game system
is ideal for players wishing
to create their own 20th
century game world from
gangland Chicago to the flying
saucer scares of the 50's.
The Call of Cthulhu boxed
set contains: the rulebook; a
source book ofthe 1920'sfor
players and referees; cut-out
character silhouettes to represent
investigators and the
Cthulhu monsters; world
map; character sheets; and
six polyhedral dice.
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth
Three adventures plus errata
and additions for the first edition
Call of Cthulhu rules. The
adventures in this book are:
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth is
an intermediate adventure
which will take adventurers
across the world to uncover
the secrets of Easter Island
and witness the ghastly vista
of R'lyeh, home of Great
Cthulhu, rising from the ocean
The Warren is another intermediate
adventure set in the
ruins of a deserted mansion
and features a new Cthulhu
While People of the
Monolith is an introductory
scenario set in the wild and
strange Hungarian countryside,
involving the search for
a lost poet.
The Arkham Evil
Abook of three linked
scenarios concerning a
diabolical plot by Nyarlathotep
to open 'gates' in the
space/time continuum to
allow him to permenantly
enter our world in all his hideous
might. Can the players
thwart his scheme? The pregenerated
cast of playercharacters
means that this
adventure can be played by
both beginning and experienced
Death in Dunwich
During the 1920's at Dunwich,
Massachusetts, the adventurers
are called upon to investigate
a seemingly ordinary
murder only to be drawn into
a much more sinister intrigue.
This boxed game enables
players to enter the world of
EIric as described in Michael
Moorcock's novels. Players
can adventure across the
lands ofthe Young Kingdoms
encountering barbarians, sorcerers,
demons and the principal
characters of Moorcock's
world including EIric himself.
The full-colour box contains:
rulebook with a completeguidetothe
Young Kingdoms,
their religions,
monsters and sorcerous
magic plus an introductory
scenario; a campaign chart of
the Young Kingdoms for use
by players and referees;
character sheets; cut-out
character silhouettes; and six
polyhedral dice.
Role-playing superheroes.
The box contains rules for a
vast array of super-powers
and supervillains, plus a comprehensive
guide to superheroes'
relationships with
legal agenciesand the general public.
Beginners: Would you like to travel through
space and time to alien worlds where only your
wits and laser gun will keep you alive? You can
adventure in the future today with Traveller,
the easy-to-play science fiction role-playing
In Traveller, our galaxy is dominated by the
mighty inter-stellar empire of the Imperium.
You can create adventures in this ga axy and
control its friendly, or very unfriendly, inhabitants,
start frontier wars between humans and
aliens, or perhaps cause a space-smuggler to
face the perils of starship combat when the
Imperial Navy ambushes his ship.
Experienced Players: If you are looking for the
science fiction role-playing game that leaves
room for your imagination or which you can use
for your own science fiction adventure game,
then consider what Traveller has to offer:
An incredible range of material on starships
and future space travel as well as a coherent
system for creating alien worlds to your
own specifications.
A combat system which covers all situations:
man-to-alien; ship-to-ship; and
futuristic military actions in a way that can
be interpreted as technically or as simply as
you like.
A wealth of authoritative detail on psionics
and cybernetics.
Unlike other role-playing games, Traveller
does not have one single basic set of rules
which the GM is obliged to obtain. There is a
choice of three different products, all of which
contain the rules necessary to start a Traveller
This is a newly designed easyto-
learn system. It consists of
three books, containing an
introduction to Traveller, the
essential rules, introductory
adventures and dice. It is packaged
in a full-colour box and
is intended specifically for
This is the original format of
the game. It consists of three
booklets containing all the
Traveller rules {Books 1, 2,
ani 3 — Books 4 and It is s u i table for players who want to
start playing Traveller at a
budget price.
This is simply the Traveller
rules in one large book format.
Profusely illustrated and
in hardback form, it also contains
several introductory
adventures and information
about the Traveller universe.
Book 0: An Introduction to
A guide to role-playing adventure
using the Traveller game
system for beginning players
and referees.
Book 4: Mercenary
Supplementary rules covering
the equipment, training and
organisation of Trsve/Zer soldiers
of fortune. Sample
mercenary 'tickets' (missions)
are also included. (Advanced
ground combat.)
Book 5: High Guard
Supplementary rules for starship
design, construction,
combat and crews. This supplement
also provides additional
rules for characters in
the space navy. (Advanced
space combat.)
Supplement 1:
1001 Characters
Pre-generated characters, for
any Trave//er encounter, from
the Navy, Marines, Army,
Scouts and Mercenaries, plus
others including police and
Supplement 2:
Animal Encounters
Random encounter tables for
use in conjunction with
Traveller Book 3 'Worlds and
Adventures'. The tables are
arranged by world/terrain type
and each includes random
natural events like earthquakes,
freak storms or rock slides, in
addition to alien creatures.
The Spinward Marches
16 pre-generated sub-sectors
of the galaxy for use with the
official campaign adventures.
Each world is presented with
statistics and relevant background
Supplement 4:
Citizens of the Imperium
Provides players with 12 additional
character classes:
Pirates, Belters, Surface Navy,
Diplomats, Doctors, Flyers,
Barbarians, Bureaucrats,
Rogues, Nobles, Scientists,
Hunters and Heroes/Villains
for use as NPCs or even as
player characters.
Supplement 6: 76 Patrons
A sourcebook of possibilities
for adventures, 76 Patrons
contains 60 encounters suitable
for parties of 1-12 players and
16 Mercenary Tickets which
offer dangerous adventures
but with lucrative rewards.
Traders & Gunboats
Deckplans, statistics and
descriptions for twelve of the
most common types of
spacecraft in the TraveZ/er universe
including scout craft.
Library Data (A-M)
Background data on the
Trave/Zer universe including
articles on the Imperial
Emperors, Droyne, Hivers,
K'Kree, Solomani, and Vargr.
Supplements: Fighting Ships
Details of twenty capital fighting
ships in the Imperial service,
each with its High Guard
statistics and illustration. The
craft are intended for use in
naval encounters or in conjunction
with Adventure 5:
Trillion Credit Squadron. (Advanced
space combat.)
Supplement 10:
The Solomani Rim
16 pregenerated sub-sectors
of the galaxy for use with the
official campaign adventures.
The supplement includes background
on the history and
power of Earth and the Solomani
Supplement 11:
Library Data (N-Z)
Together with Supplement 8:
Library Data (A-M). this completes
the Traveller encyclopaedia,
giving further information
on the Traveller universe
including articles on the
Imperial Nobility, the Spinward
Marches and Politics of
the Solomani Rim.
Supplement 12:
Forms and Charts
This contains worksheets for
players and referees.
Supplement 13: Veterans
This gives a broad spectrum
of pre-generated characters
using the Mercenary system.
Characters include samples
from all arms of service.
The Traveller Adventure
This volume provides a series
of highly varied adventures,
each entertaining on its own,
but woven Into an intricate
plot that gradually unfolds.
The first boxed module for
Traveller. This package
designed by Marc Miller, the
inventor of Traveller, details
the world of Tarsus In the
Spinward Marches complete
with background and several
adventures set on that world.
The box contains rules, world
background, adventures,
maps and player cards.
Adventure 1: The Kinunir
Deck plans, equipment and
crew rosters for the Kinunir
class of Imperial cruisers. Four
scenarios are included: Scrap
Heap, Hunting Expedition,
The Gash and The Lost Ship
all of which are set in the Spinward
Adventure 2:
Research Station Gamma
In which the adventurers find
themselves on a wild alien
planet pledged to release a
mysterious alien's friend from
an Imperial research station.
The station's defences are
automated and feature powerful
security robots, while the
research involves psionic
experiments. Set in the Spinward
Marches; for2-8players.
Adventure 3: Twilight's Peak
The adventurers are lured by
a fabulous treasure to the
planet Fulacin. Following the
long trek to Twilight's Peak,
there is a mystery to be solved,
a race of Ancients to be
encountered, and a Zhodani
assassination squad to be
avoided. Set in the Spinward
Marches; for 2-8 players. (Requires
Adventure 4: Leviathan
In which adventurers can join
the Leviathan — a merchant
trader bound for the Out Rim
Void — to face danger and
mystery for the sake of profit.
Set in the Spinward Marches;
for 2-8 players.
Trillion Credit Squadron
This guide enables you to
create Traveller star fleets and
provides all the necessary
campaign rules. A scenario is
Included — The Islands Cluster
Campaign. {Advanced
space combat.)
Expedition to Zhodane
A strange asteroid starship
offers escape from a monotonous
existence and the
chance to rescue a kidnapped
scientist in return for a large
reward. However, the scientist
is held deep within Zhodani
territory and war is imminent.
Set in the Spinward Marches;
for 2-8 players. (Requires High
Adventure?: Broadsword
Deck plans, equipment and
crew rosters for the
Broadsword class of merecenary
cruiser. Four scenarios
are included — one for use
with High Guard and three for
Mercenary/Striker — and all
are set against the background
of the Fifth Frontier
War. Set in the Spinward
Marches. (Requires High
Guard and Mercenary.)
Adventure 8: Prison Planet
Detailed plans and
background for the penal colony
on planet Newcomb,
including details of the
inmates, guards and staff.
Could your players survive a
term of penal servitude?
Could they plan a daring
escape? Set in the Solomani
Rim; for 2-8 players.
Nomads of the World Ocean
On the waterworld Bellerophon,
the adventurers are
hired to investigate claims
that the Sea-Harvester Corporation's
hunting operations
are threatening the planet's
delicate ecology.
Each book in this series con
tains two complete, separat
Double Adventure 1:
Shadows/Annie Nova
Two introductory scenarios:
Shadows where strange
encounters and dangerous
adventures abound during
the exploration of a mysterious
alien pyramid on a derelict
planet; and Annie Nova in
which the players encounter
the hulk of an alien spaceship
in orbit above an unexplored
planet. Set in the Spinward
Double Adventure 2:
Across the Bright Face/
Mission to Mithril
Two adventures involving
giant all-terrain vehicles:
Bright Face in which rebellion
erupts in the mines on planet
Dinom and the only safe
refuge is the starport that lies
beyond the forbidding desert
— the Bright Face; and Mithrii
with its trek across the wastes
of the planet Mithril to unravel
three mysteries. Set in the
Spinward Marches.
Double Adventure 3:
Argon Gambit/Death Station
\r\ Gambit, the adventurers
become involved in a
lucrative patron encounter;
but then events move fast and
soon they are embroiled at
the centre of a deadly political
intrigue. Death Station starts
with an apparently routine
mission to re-establish communications
with an orbiting
research station, but the
adventurers soon become involved
in a strange mystery.
Set in the Solomani Rim.
Double Adventure 4:
Marooned/Marooned Alone
In Marooned, the players have
crash-landed on the planet
Pagliacci, miles from civilisation;
they must learn to survive
— or perish. Marooned
Alone involves the same situation
but is designed for just
one player and the GM. Set in
the Solomani Rim.
Double Adventure 5:
The Chamax Plague/Horde
The Chamax Plague is an
encounter with a startling and
horrific alien creature during
the exploration of an apparently
uninhabited planet.
Horde is an exciting blast and
slay adventure involving a
desperate attempt to save the
planet Raschev from alien
invaders. Set in the Spinward
Double Adventure 6:
Night of Conquest/
Divine Intervention
In Night of Conquest, the
adventurers are on an alien
world concluding a trade deal
when violent KTring warriors
launch a surprise assault, Set
in Reavers' Deep, outside of
the Imperrum Gods don't exist
in the future, or do they?
Divine Intervention sets the
adventurers the problem of
faking a message from a religious
dictator's deity during a
mission of espionage. Set in
the Spinward Marches.
Ordeal by Eshaar
During the 5th Frontier War,
the adventurers are on the
planet Eshaar to prospect for
strategic minerals. However,
the Zhodani are also there and,
to complicate matters further,
the indigenous alien race
requires that off-worlders submit
to a strange ritual which
involves facing the perils of
Eshaar itself.
Action Aboard
Deck plans, crew and passenger
rosters for the luxury
cruise liner King Richard. Fifteen
adventure situations are
detailed from hijacking to
Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
A guerilla war is waged across
the parched surface of a distant
Rescue on Galatea
The apparently easy rescue of
a kidnapped merchant prince
is hampered by the planet's
peculiar geography and the
machinations of the mysterious
indigenous population —
the Jessa.
Legend of the Sky Raiders
An archaeological expedition
searches in a perilous alien
jungle for the valuable evidence
of a legendary race of vanished
interstellar marauders.
The Trail of the Sky Raiders
The second part of the three
episode campaign involves a
mystery, a treacherous deal
and political intrigue.
Fate of the Sky Raiders
The conclusion of the trilogy
takes the players to the Sky
Raiders' base, a huge starship
the size of an asteroid.
Starship Layout Sheets
A pad of 50 gridded sheets for
designing deck plans of starships
to 15mm miniature
figure scale.
Ship's Papers
A pad of 25 sheets for recording
essential data of starship
System Data Sheets
A pad of 25 sheets for recording
data on star and planet
lISS Ship Files Volume 1
Background, deck plans and
High Guard statistics for six
spacecraft: Freight Tractor
Vessel; Packet Boat; Zhodani
Patrol Frigate; imperial Interdiction
Satellite; Imperial
Troop Carrier; and Vargr
Trade Boat.
Merchant Class Ships
Background data, 15mm deck
plans and scale counters to represent
the crew and intruders
aboard six merchant vessels.
Six scenarios are also
A referee's guide to the Zhodani secret service, including careers proceedure and the equipment of it's 'dirty tricks' department.
Starcharts, world statistics
and background for the sector
immediately spin/rimward of
the Spinward Marches.
Vanguard Reaches
Starcharts, world statistics
and backgroundforthesector
immediately to spinward of the Spinward Marches.
Starport Module 1:
Hotel Complex
15mm floor plans for: Maintenance
& Engineering; Transportation
Axis; Main Lobby;
Theatres and Shops; Restaurant;
Tourist Class Rooms;
Luxury Rooms; Offices;
Skytop Restaurant and Penthouse.
Plus background data
and adventure guidelines.
Each set comes in a full-colour
box with a foam insert to protect
the figures when painted.
The sets are:
Set 2: The Military
Four Low-Tech, eight Mid-
Tech, and eight High-Tech
Set 3: Ship's Crew
Sixteen crewmen and women,
plus four marines.
Set 4: Citizens
A selection of 20 personalities
from 1001 Characters.
Sets: Aliens
Eight Vargr, seven Asian and
five Droyne.

The following are all games or rule sets in their
own right but each is designed to be compatible
and usable with the Trave/Zersystem.
The answer for players who
want to experience starshipto-
starship combat in Traveller
adventures. Mayday is a
game of combat between
small starships, such as
adventurers' scouts, using an
easy-to-play game system
that features vector movement which captures
the flavour of space
flight. For 2 players; 114counters,
4 astromorphic maps,
and a six-sided die.
A game of close combat
aboard giant Traveller warcraft.
The game system presents
an advanced personal
combat system for use with
Traveller and shows how this
can be used aboard starships or
onthe surface of alien planets.
Ttfn scenarios are included
which can be played as a board
game or as Traveller adventures.
Traveller Supplement
5: Lightning Class Cruisers,
which is available only in this
game, provides background
and statistics for this class of
Imperial cruiser. For 2-1-
players; 240 play counters, 14
22"x14" deck plans, playaids,
and two six-sided dice.
A game of close combat
aboard the starships of the
Trave/Zer universe. Snapshot
is an expansion of the basic
personal combat rules of
Traveller, enhanced for use
on a square grid which
relieves the referee of bookkeeping
and lets the players
get on with the action. Rules
additions and seven scenarios
make the game playable in its
own right. For 1 + players, 120
counters, scoutship/free
trader deck plans, play aids,
and 2 six-sided dice.
Playable 15mm miniature rules
for use with Traveller or in
your own SFtabletop skirmishes.
The Striker box set contains
three separate booklets:
Basic Rules: A combat system
based upon the rules first
presented '\n Azhanti High
Lightning, but rewritten with
the miniatures' player in mind.
Advanced Rules: A complete
system for designing
combat vehicles and aircraft
to different tech levels, along
with air-to-air and air-toground
combat rules.
Equipment: Striker
guidelines and statistics for all
weapons and vehicles presented
in official Traveller
An adventure boardgame
based on the invasion of Earth
which marked the climax of
the Solomani Rim War. The
Imperial player musters starship
fleets to punch a hole
through Earth's defences and
preparethe way forthe landing
of his ground troops. The
Earth player controls the last
remnants of Earth's forces
which must be used carefuHy
to thwart the Imperium. In
addition, the game can be
used as the background for
Traveller adventures set in
those desperate times. For 2
players; 480 play counters,
geodesic display of Earth and
status chart, play aids, and
two six-sided dice.
An adventure boardgame
simulation of the struggle for
the Spinward Marches between
the Zhodani Consulate
andihe Imperium. Players
must deploy their economic
resources and military might
to seize control of strategic
jump routes and key star systems.
Fifth Frontier War is
similar in feel to GDWs earlier,
award-winning game
Imperium, with the added
bonus that it can be used as
the backdrop for Traveller
adventures. {Traveller Adventures
1,2, and 3 are set during
this war.) For 2+ players; 768
play counters, strategic display
of the Spinward Marches,
play aids, and two six-sided dice.
Tunnels & Troll is a fantasy role-playing game
system with the emphasis on simplicity, playability
and fun. Tunnels & Trolls is also ideal for
players who haven't yet gathered together a
group of fellow adventurers, as there is a large
range of solitaire scenarios.
Tunnels & Trolls adventures
begin with the boxed set
which contains the Tunnels &
Trolls rulebook, the adventures
Dungeon of the Bear,
Level 1 (for refereed games)
and Buffalo Castle (for solitaire
play), and Character Sheets.
Add your imagination and the
Tunnels & Trolls boxed set is
ready to play. {At least one
six-sided die is required and
must be obtained separately.)
Two items from the boxed set
are also available separately:
Tunnels & Trolls Rulebook
Buffalo Castle
Buffalo Castle
This introduction to Tunnels
& Trolls solitaire adventure
takes you inside a grim castle
full of traps, monsters, and, of
course, treasure. Ideal for first
level fighters. (Included in the
boxed set.)
Deathtrap Equalizer
For characters up to 5th level.
Umslopagaas of the Shiny
Teeth invites you to step
inside his house of horrors
and sample the 'Trip of the
Lion' or (if you are very puny)
the'Trip of the Frog'.
For 1st and 2nd level human
warriors. A Cretan soldier will
lead you to the entrance of a
forbidden labyrinth. As a warrior
of ancient Greece, you
enter to face the splendour and
horror of Grecian mythology.
Naked Doom
For 1st level characters. You
have committed a crime and
have been condemned to the
Ordeal of Naked Doom — a
penal dungeon which only
five heroes have ever survived.
Can you?
Dargon's Dungeon
For cha racters of 1 st to 3rd
level. You can enter a dungeon
created for the foul
amusement of Dargon the
wizard and follow the 'Four
Paths of Darkness' to whatever
horrors lurk therein.
If you are a brave fighter, you
can experience the bizarre,
but lucrative, adventures
within the Madhouse of
Maximilian the Magnificent.
For up to 12 level points of
characters. In this adventure,
you accept a secret mission: to
venture inside Castle Overkill,
seat of Marionarsis the Wizardbutcher
and Necromancer.
Sorcerer Solitaire
For character levels 1-3. If you
possess magic, you may enter
a ghostly mansion in search
of adventure and (naturally)
Sword for Hire
For low level fighters. Can you
survive the monsters, pitfalls
(and other horrors) as you pillage
a wizard's tower?
Arena of Khazan
If you despair of life or have a
reputation to defend, enter
the arena at Khazan and fight
for glory and your life.
Sewers of Oblivion
For fighters up to 7th level.
Through no fault of your own,
you find yourself in the fetid
sewers beneath Khazan. With
only a demonic boatman for
company, you will have to find
your own way out.
Sea of Mystery
For low level characters.
Afloat on the Sea of Mystery,
you will see curious sights
and be forced to defend your
honour, life and soul as you
encounterthestrange nautical
Blue Frog Tavern
For humanoid characters with
at least 15 combat adds. A
chance encounter at the
tavern, a rock demon called
Quartz and some aggressive
red-robed priests, are all the
excuses you need to begin
your quest for the magical
Blue Frog Amulet.
For humanoid characters with
a maximum of 110 combat
adds. Pursued for an unfortunate
'crime', you have a
choice: be brought to justice
and face certain death or
brave the perils of the Mistywood.
Naturally, you
choose the latter.
Beyond the Silvered Pane
The looking-glass dungeon.
You step through a mirror
owned by a dwarf and find
yourself in a strange world
where all is not what it seems.
Can you escape alive?
Gamesmen of Kasar
Who are the mysterious
travellers who have set up
camp on the edge of town?
Dare you enter their magical
pavilion to find out?
Goblin Lake
As a g o b l i n , hobbit or dwarf
you can enter the caverns of
Goblin land in search of
adventure and the strange but
valuable secrets of that race.
At last — an adventure for
characters w h o have died! As
a shade y o u can plunder t he
Netherworld — but beware
the Lords of t he Abyss enjoy
illusions and t o r t u r e .
Circle of Ice
For 1st-4th level characters.
Banished to a frozen magical
waste, you must fight to survive
and thereby w i n t he right
to return to t he w o r l d you know.
City of Terrors
A giant solo adventure for
experienced mid-level characters
set in a tropical paradise
— the Island of Phoron. Here,
you can explore the jungle
and encounter the ferocious
denizens or seek adventure in
the fabulous city of t he Gull
which legend also calls the
City of Terrors.
These are f o r use by G Ms w i th
The Complete Dungeon of the
A game master's dungeon in
three levels. Dungeon of the
Bear was one of the earliest
Tunnels & Trolls adventures,
now it is again available,
updated for use w i t h later editions
of the rules, stocked full
w i t h monsters and w i t h the
added bonus of Castle Ward
— an i n t r o d u c t o r y scenario, A
dungeon to suit experienced
and inexperienced players
Catacombs of the Bear Cult
For 1st level characters. The
cult of the Bear has become a
deadly menace, so t he Death
Empress of Khazan has placed
a special reward o n t he head
of the cult's leader — a party
of t o u g h adventurers is
required to c l a im this reward.
Uncle Ugly's Underground
Deadly traps and peculiar
encounters await the dungeon
delvers in t h is adventure set
w i t h i n an extinct volcano.
The Fantasy Trip is designed as a series of inexpensive,
regularly published modules. The system
uses well structured, logically related and
easy-to-learn rules to form a complete roleplaying
The magical combat system
for The Fantasy Trip and also
a complete game in its o wn
right wherein you must test
your skill and power in t he
arena of magical warfare.
Man-to-man combat using
archaic weapons for use in the
Fantasy Trip system. Also a
self-contained game in which
you create your fighter,
choose weapons and armour
and then enter the arena to
battle humans and monsters.
Fantasy Masters Screen
Contains all t he vital informat
i o n needed to play Wizard
and Melee in an easy-to-use
format presented as a screen
for the GMs material.
Tollenkar's Lair
A complete dungeon module
for beginning Fantasy Trip
characters. Wizard and Melee
are necessary to play.
This is a set of solo adventures
using the Fantasy Trip game
S' / s t e m . Wizard and Melee are
necessary to play.
Treasure of the Silver Dragon
J o i n in an exciting and
dangerous quest for a f a b u l ous
hidden treasure.
As one of King Arthur's
Knights, you must quest for
the elusive Holy Grail.
Unicorn Gold
Can y o u and y o u r band of
adventurers f i nd the Golden
Unicorn before t he evil wizard
Death Test II
To be hired by the wizard v ^
Thorz, you must first survive
his special labyrinthi
Complete fantasy role-playing
game w i t h rules that cover
character generation, magic,
combat, monsters and lots
more. Also included in t he set
are dice, a GM's Screen and a
ready-to-play adventure.
A hardback edition of t he
Dragonquest rules.
Palace of Ontocle
A complete Dragonquest
adventure for 4-6 players set
in the ruined, monsterinfested
Palace of Ontocle.
Frontiers of Alusia
A fantasy wilderness
designed for use w i th Dragor)-
quest. but suitable for any
role-playing game system.
The Enchanted Wood
A series of wilderness adventures
for 4-6 characters set in
the deadly, magical Enchanted
Starsilver Trek
A complete wilderness adventure
set around the quest, by a
group of dwarves, for the
fableo Star Silver Lode, a
deposit of magical metal.
Magebird Quest
The adventurers must travel
to the Rookeries to capture a
Nye specimen of the Azure
-tipped Sea Falcon, a very rare
sea bird.
The principle of role-playing games can be
applied to almost any subject as the following
range of games demonstrates.
Champions is role-playing in
the world of comic books.
Players can take the part of
supervillains planning dastardiy
capers or the
superheroes trying to stop
them. The game features
highly detailed combat and
character generation. The
boxed set contains a rules
booklet, an introductory
scenario — Viper's Nest, play
•aids and dice.
A booklet of 35 illustrated
supervillains with characteristics,
skills and powers.
Enemies II
34 more illustrated supervillains
with characteristics,
skills and powers.
Champions II
Extension set of new rules and
background information for
use with Champions.
Champions Gamemaster's
Card mounted reference
Adventure 1:
The Island of Doctor Destroyer
In which the heroes attempt to
penetrate Dr Destroyer's lair
and destroy the missile with
which he threatens the world.
Adventure 2:
Escape from Stronghold
Incidents in a prison which is
specially designed to hold
mil Tut mwsn mi mim tm
It mm mmii * 1« tm mmi
Role-playing the covert operations
and small unit actions of
the Second World War.
Players take the part of servicemen,
resistance fighters
or secret agents in missions to
Nazi-occupied Europe orthe
island strongholds of Imperial
Japan. In this boxed set, you
get: rules booklet, mission
and events guides, play aids
and dice.
Module BEL1:
The Guns of Navarone
Allows the players to re-create
the exciting movie in which
commandoes strike against a
mountain fortress.
Supplement 1:
The British Commandoes
Rules expansion and scenario
pack specifically for historic
and fictitious actions by the
British Commando Forces.
Supplement 2:
Long Range Desert Group
Rules expansion and scenario
pack with which to simulate
the actions of the unit which
became the Special Air Service.
Supplements: OSS
Rules and expansion pack
covering the activities of the
Office of Strategic Services —
secret agents in occupied
Supplement 4: PTO
A complete boxed set for staging
Behind Enemy lines
adventures in the Pacific
theatre of Operations. You
get: Pacific rules, scenarios
and play aids.
Role-playing in Roman times
with an emphasis on mysteries
and secrets of long ago — sorcery,
demons and mystic
places like Stonehenge.
This boxed set contains: 3
programmed rules booklets, a
referee's guide, episodes 1 -4
of Campaign Adventure 1
which takes player characters
from beginning to intermediate
level, play aids and dice,
Death to Setanta
Episode 5 of Campaign
Adventure 1.
The Kingdom of the Sidhe
Episode 6 of Campaign
Adventure 1.
Newgrange Reactivated
Episode 7 of Campaign
Adventure 1.
The Glastonbury Labyrinth
Episode 8 of Campaign
Adventure 1.
Ascent to Hell
Episode 9 of Campaign
Adventure 1.
The Egyptian Trilogy
Three part adventure set in
the ancient lands of Egypt.
The Norse Trilogy
Three part adventure set in
Scandinavia during the Dark
In a small European village,
around 1st century AD, a
werewolf has been mutilating
villagers. The players must
find it — before it finds them.
Man, Myth & Magic Character
50 sheets for recording characters abilities.
Role-playing adventure game
set in a post-holocaust
America, in which players
encounter strange mutated
plants and animals, berserk
robots and roving bands of
barbarian humans. You get:
rules booklet, adventure booklet,
campaign map and dice.
Module GW1: Legion of Gold
An introductory to intermediate
scenario featuring a
human settlement under
assault by strange glowing
Module GW2:
Famine in Far-Go
intermediate level scenario
involving a perilous journey
across a blasted wilderness
and encounters with mutants
and robots.
Gamma World Referee's
Screen & Mini-Module
Card mounted reference
charts and the Albuquerque
Starport mini-module.
Role-playing on the alien
worlds of the far future.
Humanity is allied with three
alien races against the deadly
Sathar in struggle for survival
and supremacy. You get:
Basic and Advanced rules, an
introductory scenario, play
aids and dice.
Module SF1:
Volturnus, Planet of Mystery
Second episode in a three part
adventure set on Volturnus.
(The first episode. Crash on
Volturnus, Is included in the
Star Frontiers boxed set,) The
adventuring party find themselves
marooned on the
planet and embark upon a
perilous journey to the starport,
climaxing with the discovery
of evidence of the
dreaded Sathar.
Module SF2:
Starspawn of Volturnus
Conclusion to the 'Volturnus'
trilogy, in which the players
must unite the feuding tribes of
the planet to defeat an invading
army of Sathar warriors.
Star Frontiers Referee's
Screen & Mini-Module
Card-mounted reference
charts plus Assault on Starship
Omicron mini-module.
Role-playing set in the exciting
world of espionage and
intrigue. The players take the
roles of individual agents
undertaking deadly, secret
missions based upon real-life
situations or the outlandish
spy plots of the movies. The
full-colour box contains basic
and advanced rules, dice and
a complete ready-to-play
TS002: Operation Rapidstrike!
The players must rescue the
Nobel Prize-winning scientist
Dr Felix Fendelmann from the
island fortress of the evil
Madamoiselle Larreau. For
beginning to intermediate
level agents.
TS003: Lady in Distress
• An ocean-going liner has been
hi-jacked by a team of international
terrorists and must be
recaptured at any cost! For
intermediate agents.
TS004: Operation Fastpass
Andrei Levekhov, a Soviet
code expert, wishes to defect
to the West. Yourteam of
agents must locate Levekhov
and get him safely back to
friendly territory. For intermediate
Top Secret Administrator's
Screen & Mini-Module
Card-mounted reference
charts and the mini-module
Operation: Executive One.
Role-playing in the Wild West.
The players can become cowpokes,
hired guns, gamblers,
sod-busters or any other
characters from history and
the big screen. In the box, you
get: rules booklet with ratings
for historical outlaws, play
aids and dice.
Module BH1: Mad Mesa
A solo or multi-player adventure
in a lawless frontier town.
Module BH2:
Lost Conquistador Mine
A town/wilderness adventure
which features a fortune in
Spanish gold, and Indians,
bandits and vigilantes.
Module BH3: Ballots & Bullets
A campaign adventure of 12
weekly turns in which players
can run for mayor in the small
frontier town of Paradise City,
plus seven short scenarios set
during the political camoalgn.
Boot Hill Referee's Screen
& Mini-Module
Card mounted reference charts
plus Shootout in Northfield
and other famous gunfights.

The Thieves' Guild rules allow referees to
develop role-playing adventures for Thieves of
all kinds — cut-purses, outrageous burglars,
highwaymen, pirates and others. The game
system is most suitable for experienced GMs.
Thieves' Guild 1 providesthe basicgame rules
which, with the subsequent supplements and
adventures, can be used to create a unique roleplaying
environmentforthecriminal classes.
Basic game rules including
disguises, how to ransom a
prisoner and fencing stolen
goods. The scenarios Include
the pleasures of highway robbery,
thethrill of pick-pocketing
on the Street of Silk Veils and
the lure of jewels. The appendix
allows players to convert
the! rfavourlte characters from
other role-playing systems to
the Thieves' Guild system.
Thieves' Guild 2
New rules for the system
including magic and hireling
procurement, plus a major
adventure involving plunder
in the ancient burial vaults
beneath the city of Shal-Chuun.
Thieves Guild 3
New rules Including the finer
arts of pick-pocketing and
lock-picking, and the pleasures
of drunkenness. Two
adventures are included. The
first involves a masked ball —
a delight for pick-pockets, and
the second a visit to the home
of a retired mage to steal an
amulet and a tome.
Thieves'Guild 4
New rules include the art of
tailing and how to cultivate
informers. Two adventures
are included: the first involves
the players in a race against
the rival thieves of the Black
Hand gang to steal a fabulous
set of crystal goblets; the second
allows them to doublecross
the Guild and join the
Black Hand gang as they
attempt to plunder the Guild's
fantastically rich headquarters.
Thieves' Guild 5
New rules include advanced
combat. Two adventures are
included: in TheRadisha Must
Die, the players journey to an
Ore army camp, in disguise of
course, to assassinate the
Ore's leader; if they survive
this mission, they can journey
to an Illusionist's tomb and
plunder its treasures.
Thieves' Guild 6
In which the Thieves' Guild
system takes to the sea. This
rules supplement covers the
design of ships, sea chases
and boarding actions. The
numerous adventure scenarios
cover plunder on the high seas
and murderous expeditions
against fellow pirates.
Thieves' Guild 7
New rules for archery, lock
design and innate abilities.
Two adventures are included:
Windchime & Justiciar, in
which a valuable sword must
be stolen from Vultar the
legendary dwarf smith; and
Claw of Frithnath, in which the
players join a merchant caravan
to search for the claw. But
what is it, and who has it?
Prince of Thieves
Three competition scenarios
which can be played by themselves
in your own campaign
or as a challenge which will
earn the surviving thief the
coveted title of Prince of
Th ieves. Cha racters ca n ply the
roads as highwaymen and
discover that travellers are
not always as weak as they
seem; journey to the Valley of
the Dead and plunder a scholar's
tomb; then enter the
home of Potipharthe
Whoremaster and steal a
prized religious relic.
Free City of Haven
A complete adventure pack
for Haven, the city mentioned
in the Thieves' Guild adventures,
which can also be used
in any other fantasy game system.
The pack contains
descriptions of some 100
buildings, 300 non-player
characters and 60 random
encounters. 25 scenarios are
also included.
Haven II:
Secrets in the Labyrinth
Continues and expands the
aW-purpose Free City of Haven
scenario, adding details and
adventures in the Thieves
Market and the surrounding
quarters as well as giving the
deadly rivalries between the
various guilds.
The Compleat Tavern
An adventure supplement
suitable for use with Thieves'
Guild or any other fantasy
role-playing system, The
Compleat Taverri shows you
that taverns aren't just places
to brawl or sleep in. Detailed
sections describe the fine art
of drunkenness, how to impress
strangers and to gamble,
and the nasty diseases that
can be contracted from close
encounters with strange races.
Twelve fantasy writers, including Poul Anderson,
created the city of Sanctuary in the novels
Thieves' World and Tales from the Vulgar
Unicorn. Nine major games designers transcribed
the city and its inhabitants for use in any
of the major role-playing games, including
Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest, Traveller,
and Tunnels & Trolls. The resulting Thieves'
World boxed set is the most complete fantasy
games playing aid yet devised and the best
selling fantasy supplement in the United States
and Britain.
The Thieves'World pack comprises
four volumes: The
Games Master's Guide provides
GMs with detailed
descriptions and plans of the
city, its building and government;
the Encounter Tables
cover all kinds of situations
from a picked pocket to an
invasion by demons. They are
probably the most comprehensive
set of tables yet
assembled, but organised in a
format that is easy to use; the
two Players' Guides are
designed to make adventurers
streewise in Sanctuary. All
aspects of the town's life are
described from the people's
occupations to their worst
But the core of the pack is
The Personalities of Sanctuary
in which game designers
including Marc Miller and
Steve Perrin describe the
major characters of the city
for use with nine role-playing
games, and in a way that enables
players to use them as
either non-player or player
This adventure involves the
players in a race to uncover
the person who has betrayed
the Hawkmasks and stolen a
valuable document. Robert L
Asprin offers a guide to playing
Jubal Lord of the Hawkmasks,
details of locations in
Sanctuary, as welt as 'original
document' play aids.
spirit stones
The S'danzo are amongst the
oldest races of the Ranken
Empire. Players take the part
of S'danzo warriors engaged
in tracking down the criminal
who has stolen their sacred
relics—the Spirit Stones. Writer
Lynn Abbey offers a history
and background forthe
Dark Assassin
An ancient feud between two
powerful families is the cause
of an assassination plot
against a young Ranken
noble, using a deadly, magically
created monster.
- ganriG masters
^^^^ for sanctuary
All the following modules are based on the
works of J. R. R. tolkien, and provide a meticulously
researched set of campaign play aids
that can be used with any role-playing system.
Each is beautifully presented with extensive
illustrations and full-colour maps
This module provides the
background against which the
other, more detailed modules
are set. It includes a full-colour
24"x36" map of the whole of
Middle Earth and descriptions
of the major races, languages
and cultures of the inhabitants.
This describes the barren and
harsh land of Angmar, and the
warlike races who livethere. It
includes 12 black and white
maps and floor plans, 16"x20"
full-colour double-sided map,
and 48 pages of description
and notes.
This describes the tropical
jungle-covered lands of the
court of Ardor. It includes a
16"x20" full-colour, doublesided
map, 12 black and white
maps and floor plans, and 52
pages of descriptions and
The port of Umbar, inhabited
by pirates and smugglers,
together with the surrounding
lands is detailed in this module.
It includes 11 black and
white maps and floor plans, a
16"x20" full-colour, doublesided
map and 52 pages of
notes and descriptions.
This details the history and
realm of the wood-elves,
including the holds of
Sauron's evil minions. It
includes a 16"x20" full-colour,
double sided map, black and
white maps and floor plans,
and notes and descriptions.
The Wilderlands Campaign is Judges Guild's
main contribution to the hobby — a range of
material w i th which the GM can construct a
complete campaign world. The information
provided in the packs is often complex; GMs
must, therefore, be prepared to work on the
individual products to make t h em suitable f o r
use in their own campaigns.
City State off the World
A massive advanced scenario
covering the history and
background of 4,300 year old
city ofViridistan tothe west of
the City State of the Invincible
City State of the Invincible
Suitable for inclusion in any
medieval-style campaign, the
pack provides maps of the city
and the dwarven fortress of
Thunderhold. The accompanying
booklet provides
exhaustive details on encounters,
NPCs, economics, religion
and occupations within
the city.
Wraith Overlord
An advanced campaign adventure
set in the sewers beneath
the city. This labyrinth is the
haunt of the Amazons — the
Overlord's female warriors —
and of assassins and thieves.
They all hate each other and
Wilderlands of High Fantasy
An advanced campaign setting
which details the wilderness
to the north, south and
east of the City State of the
Invincible Overlord. Includes
four 17"x22" maps.
Wilderlands of the Fantastic
An advanced campaign setting
which completes the wilderness
to the south-east of
the City State of the Invincible
Overlord. Includes four
17"x22" maps.
A pad of 50 square-gridded
sheets on which to design
dungeon complexes. The
unique double-line system
allows for wall thicknesses
and ensures that the maps
created are compatible with
Dungeon Floor Plans. The colourful
cover is a remarkable
demonstration of a mapping
sheet in use.
A pad of 50 sheets covered
with a grid of 6nnm hexagons
for mapping large areas outside
the dungeon, wildernesses
or whole continents in a
campaign game.
An ideal aid for hard-pressed
GMs whose players decide to
visit a city. Twenty-five city
establishments, such as inns,
a museum, a tattooist, armoury
and jail are described along
with 75 non-player characters
who inhabit them. Each
character is illustrated as are
the buildings and their structural
plans. The statistics have
been arranged so that a
minimum of work is required
to use the book with your chosen
role-playing system.
One hundred and one catastrophic
traps, sinister snares,
engines of evil, and deadly
devices with which GMs can
strike back at persistent and
powerful adventurers. The
traps are presented without
specific statistics but are very
fully described.
102 new traps described as 'a
connoisseur's catalog of condemnable
calamities, ghastly
glamours, distinctive disasters,
and an astonishing array
of annoying misdirections and
miserable misfortunes'.

Four-sided die for generating
random numbers from 1 to 4.
Six-sided die for generating
random numbers from 1 to 6.
Eight-sided die for generating
random numbers from 1 to 8.
Ten-sided die for generating
random numbers from 1 to
10; or, if rolled with another
die to decide whether the
result is to taken as 'units' or
'teens', for generating random
numbers from 1 to 20; or, if
rolled twice with the first
number representing 'tens'
and the second 'units', for
generating random numbers
from 1 to 100.
Twelve-sided die for generating
random numbers from 1
to 12.
D20 (0-9 twice)
Twenty-sided die for generating
random numbers from
1-10; 1-20; or 1-100 as
described under D70.
Twenty-sided die for generating
random numbers
Each set comes boxed w i th a foam insert to
protect the figures.
The ideal way to begin your
collection of fantasy figures
for role-playing adventures.
The packs are:
Dungeon Adventurers
This set contains a Druid,
Ranger, Thief, Paladin, Dwarf,
Gnome, Wizard, Halfling,
Fighter and Pack Donkey.
Dungeon Monsters
Contains Hobgoblin, Bugbear,
Warrior of Chaos, Lizardman,
Lesser Lizardman, Spectre, 2
Giant Rats, Skeleton, Zombie,
A selection often individually
blister-packed figures, chosen
especially for the beginner, in
a plain box for protection. The
sets available are:
Blister Pack Starter Selection 1:
Blister Pack Starter Selection 2:
A range of boxed figure sets in
the style of the popular C/fade/
Fantasy Tribes range. The
sets in the range are:
Warriors of Chaos
The Dwarf King's Court
Night Elf Patrol
Goblin Raiding Party
Warrior Knights of Law
Skeleton Guardsmen of Chaos
Chaos Marauders
Heroic Adventurers
Each set contains the components
to form a massive, finely
detailed dragon. The sets are:
Fire Dragon
Ice Dragon
Gold Dragon
Imperial Dragon
A collectors' item, only 2,000
of this stunning figure will be
cast in the UK.
A vast range of miniature
figures for use with fantasy
role-playing games is available
from Citadel Miniatures,
10 Victoria Street, Newark,
Nottingham. These awardwinning,
finely detailed 25mm
figures are stocked by better
games shops everywhere —
or send 50p plus a 20^/^pstamped,
envelope to the above address
for the complete catalogue.
The subject matter of role-playing games also
provides the basis for many excellent games
which work on more traditional principles.
Many of them use the system of hexagonallygridded
maps and unit counters originally used
in wargaming for re-creating historical battles;
others are basically card games or dice games.
They do not require a GMand are ready to play
without extensive preparation; although some
of them have complex rules and some have
extension kits which can be obtained separately
to add detail. Games Workshop stocks a
wide range of the best science fiction and fantasy
The most popular SF boardgame
in t he w o r l d and t he u l t i mate
simulation of tactical
space combat. You take command
of t he starships featured
In Star Trek — like captain Kirk's Enterprise or a Klingon
Cruiser— using a unique game
system which combines ease
of play w i t h the complexity
and feel of starship command.
Basic and advanced rules
give you the background as
well as t he means to conduct
space warfare and exploration
at the tactical level. For 1 -tplayers,
the box contains 216
play counters, tactical mapsheet,
play aids and t w o sixsided
sm m mm
Strategic Starfleet Battles —
massed fleets cross the Star
Tre/f galaxy to eliminate opponents
and capture key planet
Counters for the fleets of
the Federation, Klingons,
Romulans, Kzinti, Gorns, Hydrans,
Tholians, and Orion
Pirates are included on a shipby-
ship basis not as
abstracted fleet units.
Strategic movement takes
place on a starsheet display of
'known' space and ship-toship
action is resolved on a
tactical display, However,
because the counters represent
actual ships, players can
link Federation Space to
Starfleet Battles to create an
incredibly realistic space
game. 10 scenarios and an
economics system complete
the package. For 1-7 players,
the box contains 432 play
counters, starchart, pigy aids
and t w o six-sided dice.
Starfleet Battles Supplement 1
Adds the playing pieces and
rules needed to re-create f u l l -
scale fighter actions w i t h new
fighter designs, fighter carriers,
d o g f i g h t i n g and drones.
Several new scenarios, such
as Pleiades Turkey Shoot, are
included. Components
include 216 die-cut counters
and ten new SSD's.
Starfleet Battles
Expansion Kit 1
Two new races, t h i r t y new
starship displays, new
weapons, eight scenarios and
amended/expanded rules for
the advanced game.
Starfleet Battles
Expansion Kit 2
One new race, twenty-six new
starship displays including
pseudo-fighters and the Klingon
BIO Battleship, new
scenarios and amended/
expanded rules for the
advanced game and Expansion
Kit 1.
Starfleet Battles
Expansion Kit 3
86 new ships, minesweepers
and extensive mine warfare
rules, 8 new scenarios and a
campaign game, plus complete
errata and expanded
rules for the advanced game
and previous expansion kits.
Battle Damage: Code Red
An alternative, easy-to-play
means to resolve battle damage
in Starfleet Battles. This
play aid uses a deck of 64
cards which include 18 different
critical hits and a quick
damage allocation chart for
the Pseudo-fighter.
Captains Log No 1
First in a series of modules
containing the short story
Juggernaut, a multi-player
scenario based on it, and
twenty other scenarios.
SSD Book No 1
Contains 48 all new SSD's for
each ship of the Federation,
Andromedans, Orions and
Kzintis. Each incorporates all
charts necessary to move, fire
weapons and record hits for a
ship o n one sheet.
The popular, boxed science
fiction board and card game
in which you take the part of
analien race. Players use their
individual alien powers to carve
themselves an empire among
the stars. Cosmic Encounter's
unique game system is fast
paced and requires that you
use allies, cunning and bluff
to achieve victory. For 2-4
players; 96 play discs, 15
aliens, star systems, play aids
and deck of action cards.
P l a y d i s c s f o r a f i f t h playerand
l O n e w a l i e n s .
GDW's classic, intermediate
level game of stellar empires in
conflict. As either the Imperium
orTerran Federation leader,
you will be in command of a
powerful stellar empire seeking
to expand your domain at
the expense of your opponent.
The game rules include an
elegant economic system
which obliges players to plan
their strategic moves in accordance
w i t h available
resources. Political events,
linked to t he players conduct
during play, add suspense
and a l l ow r o om for diplomacy
and bluff. For 2 players, 351
play counters, strategic starchart,
play aids and a six-sided
Set 2
Play discs f o r a s i x th player
and 10 new aliens.
Nine new action cards and 15
new aliens.
Set 4
Fifty flare cards which develop
the alien powers and rules for
7 and a player games.
Set 5
100 new moons to develop
the game's strategy and
enhance 2 player games.
Ten new aliens and the cosmic
currency — Lucre.
Fourteen new aliens w i th
powers that involve Lucre.
A deck of new flare, edict and
challenge cards.
A g a • j f interstellar warfare
using the popular/mper/um
game system. Armadas of
starships and hordes of
troops battle to control
worlds w h i l e denying t h em to
the enemy. A unique 'astromorphic'
map ensures that no
two games are t he same. For 2
players, 120 counters, map
board, and a six-sided die.
Onlythecourageand determination
of a f e w g i f t e d individuals
stand before w o r l d w i de
disaster. You must carefully
select your team f r om the
characters available and then
venture into an asteroid base
on a deadly mission to destroy
a mad computer. For 2
players, 120 counters, eight
geomorphic map sections,
and a six-sided die.
A game of interplanetary
space battles In t he 21st century,
using t r ue vector movement.
This classic game is
now back in print after an
absence of 5 years.
An introductory fantasy game
set in a six level dungeon. You
can explore as an Elf, a Hero, a
Superhero or a Wizard, each
with unique attributes. The
adventures involve treasure,
secrets, and battles with denizens
like Giant Spiders and
Purple Worms. Can be played
solitaire. For 1-8 players aged
8-t-, 165 event cards, mounted
dungeon board, play aids and
two six-sided dice.
Acomplex game of adventure
in the Age of Greek Heroes in
which, as God or Goddess,
you control the destinies of
mortal heroes as they quest
for valuable items which will
increase your influence on
Mount Olympus. As your
godly status grows, you will
be able to play tricks on the
other gods and smite their
heroes with fearsome beasts
or powerful earthly forces. For
2-8 players, 194 play counters,
54 event cards, full-colour
map board of the ancient
world, play aids, and two sixsided
A simple but challenging fantasy
game set in the Sorcerer's
ever-changing cavern home.
You encounter strange allies,
discover curious artifacts and
fightfearsomecreatures. Your
object — to plunder the Sorcerer's
fabulous treasures.
But watch out: you might just
encounterthe Sorcerer himself.
Sorcerer's Cave can be played
solitaire, anctfeatures a tile
system with which you create
a unique cavern complex as
each game progresses. For
1 -4 players aged 8+, 80 event
cards, 60 cavern tiles, play
aids and one six-sided die.
Sorcerer's Cave Expansion Kit
New rules, cavern tiles and
event cards.
On the world of Darkover,
clans battle to control the
Elhalyin Tower, using armies,
magical artifacts and psychic
powers. All this, and more, is
re-created in this enjoyable,
exciting game based on the
novels of Marion Zrmmer
Bradley. For 2-4 players, 146
event cards, combat and
power counters, mounted
map board.
You area knight errant exploring
a fabulous enchanted
wood in order to accomplish
your own special chivalrous
deed. Along the way, you will
fight gruesome creatures,
meet allies and discover curious
artifacts which will help
you achieve your quest. The
game, which may be played
solitaire, makes use of the Sorcerer's
Cave tile system which
creates a different playing surface
each time you play. For
1-4 players aged 8+, 37 event
cards, 45 glade tiles, play aids
and two six-sided dice.
Mystic Wood Expansion Kit
New rules, glade tiles, and
event cards.
An introductory game for 2-4
elves who explore Morley the
Wizard's magical forest. Along
the way, you will meet all kinds
of fantasy beings who will
either help you or send you
running for cover. For 2-4
players aged 5 + , event cards,
mounted play board and play
A dare-devil ball game not
unlike modern US football,
but played in zero gravity with
a steel ball. You create teams
of players, allocate their positions
and then plot a strategy
of goals and attacks on your
opponent's players which you
hope will take you to the top of
the Gravball league, But watch
out for Heartless Huey, the
impartial robot referee. On
the first foul, he will enter the
game and attemptto incapacitate
the nearest player! For 2
players, 13 15mm miniatures,
56 status counters, mounted
play board, play aids and two
six-sided dice.
From the designers of Cosmic
Encounter, Dune is a board
game based on Frank Herbert's
award-winning novel.
You become the leader of a
warring faction intent upon
gaining control of melange.
the planet's priceless spice.
The game system does not
use dice: strategy and final
victory are based on individual
objectives, military
force and the play of treachery
cards. Combat is resolved on
a novel play aid — the battle
wheel. For 2-6 players, 200
play counters, playing board,
treachery cards and play aids.
'fi a galaxy far, far away, a
small band of rebels struggle
to overthrow an Empire bent
on total domination. Freedom
in the Galaxy covers the entire
conflict from the first sparks of
rebellion to the final all-out
civil war. For 2 players, 400
counters, 140 character cards,
map and play aids.
Based on Robert A. Heinlein's
book of the same name. Sfarship
Troopers simulates
ground combat in the 22nd
century, as squads of powered
armour infantry battle the
deadly arachnid bugs both
above and below the surface
of an alien planet. For 2
players, 500 counters, map
board, rules and play aids.
A game for 2-6 players set in
the mysterious land of
Araivan. There each player
must attempt to liberate the
six kingdoms from the menace
of 'Brimstone', an enormous
dragon, while battling the
other players and various fantastic
creatures. For 2-6
players, 318 counters, 60 playing
cards, map and play aids.
An exciting, playable game
for up to 6 players, who must
strive to recover three treasures
hidden on the island of
Mariwu. A simple task, if it
were not for the deadly dragon
and hungry ores who
inhabit the island. For 2-6
players, 398 counters, 35 playing
cards, map and play aids.
Magic Realm has many of the
aspects of a role-playing
game. Up to 16 players take
the part of adventurers and
roam the ever-changing
forests and ruins in search of
treasure and excitement. A
fortune could be yours if you
can defeat the monsters and
perils of the Magic Realm. For
1 -16 players, 20 large hex tiles,
16 character cards, 400 counters,
rules and play aids.
As a titan, a supernatural being
of awesome power, you cross
a wild landscape gathering
legions of mythical monsters
such as Trolls, Gargoyles and
Dragons. Then the monster
slugathon begins as players
pit legion against legion,
removing their forces from
the strateaic board to the 'battlelands'
for monster versus
monster combat. For 2-6
players, 800 play counters,
mounted map board, 11 battlelands,
and four six-sided
A challenging, captivating
game in which the players
strive to relearn the rites of the
Magical orders, perform good
deeds and thwart the forces of
evil, if they can. For 2-6
players, 400 counters and
game cards, mounted map
board, play aids and two sixsided
A strategic level fantasy wargame
of intermediate complexity
which involves
strategy, diplomacy and skulduggery
in a mythical age. For
2-5 players, 100 counters and
map sheet.
In this strategic level game of
intermediate complexity,
players must attempt to build
huge stellar empires using
military and political means.
For 1 -5 players, 400 counters,
56 cards and map sheet.
Steve Jackson Games, from Texas, are among
the finest examples of the 'minigame' concept:
fairly simple but eminently playable, and
packaged as compactly as possible for convenience
and economy. The 'pocket box' is a
tough plasticcontainerwhich ensures thatyou
can carry the game anywhere without damaging
the components.
The classic game of armoured
warfare in the far future, features
the fearsome cybernetic
tank — t h e Ogre. For 1,2 or
more players, 112 unit counters,
full-colour battlefield
The complementary game to
Ogre, stresses the light hover
tank and introduces the Ogre
MklV. For 1,2, or more
players, 112 unit counters,
full-colour battlefield map.
The third mini-game set on
the world of Ogre, concentrates
on man-to-man combat
between groups of powered
armour infantry. For 2 players,
275 extra-large counters,
21"x35" map, rules and play
Features the best of the Space
Gamer articles on Ogre and
GEV: fiction, strategy,
designer's notes, new units
and scenarios.
KUNG FU 2100
This game pits the Terminators
— martial arts fighters
— against the defences of
the evil world ruler — the
Clonemaster. A unique game
system gives the feel of martial
arts combat. For 1 or 2
players, 112 unit counters,
chart of the Clonemaster's
/ ""A
Can you, as leader of the
American marines, change
the course of history and
rescuethe American hostages
from the capital of Iran? Or, as
commander of the Ayatollah's
revolutionary guards, can you
thwart the Americans? This
game has a novel alternative
scenario in which the marines
kidnap the Ayatollah himself!
For 1 or 2 players, 119 unit
counters, chart of the US
Embassy grounds.
A regimental level stimulation
of the Battle of the Bulge with
only one page of rules which
nonetheless presents a considerable
challenge to both
the German and Allied
players. Fori or2players, 112
unit counters, strategic map
of the Ardennes.
A boardgame for 2 players or
a role-playing game for 3-6
players. Count Dracula must
protect his coffins and drink
blood while the vampire hunters
smash coffins and try to
alert London to a ghastly threat.
112 full-colour character and
object counters, 'antique' fullcolour
map of London.
Two evil wizards battle for
control of the mystic Jewels
of Power with huge armies of
undead creatures. For 2
players, 112 double-sided
counters, 11"x17" map, rules
and play aids.
This is a game of world conquest,
not by force, but by
guile and cunning. Each
player controls a secret society
for whom no play is too
devious, as they scheme and
fight for world domination.
For 2-6 players, 54 game
cards, 224 money tokens.
llluminati Expansion Set I
Adds a new llluminati society
and 20 new groups, extra
money tokens, 4 'special'
cards, plus more.
llluminati Expansion Set II
Adds the Network, a new society,
21 new groups and gives
hints on strategy, evil play and
The cult game of motorway
mayhem in which players
design vehicles for battles on
the roads of the future. Car
Wars is a boardgame which
can become a role-playing
game as driver-characters survive
and prosper in spite of
mine launchers and oil slicks.
For 2 or more players, 105fullcolour
vehicle and obstacle
counters and four road grid
Sm SET 2
Car Wars is essential to play
any of these supplements:
Sunday Drivers
The role-playing supplement
for Car Wars in which 3-6
players battle over the town of
vigilante pedestrians.
Black Jesse's cycle gang, the
police, or local auto-duellists.
For3-6 players, 160 full-colour
counters, and two map sections.
Car Wars Expansion Kit 1
24 road sections, each with
clear and debris-littered surfaces.
124 game counters
including smoke, slicks, mines
and debris. Rules and counters
forJwo new items — barricades
and grenades, and a
racetrack mini-scenario.
Car Wars Expansion Kit 2
More car and truck counters,
road sections and play aids
for use with Car Wars.
Truck Stop
This supplement gives movement
and combat rules for the
massive 18-wheeler trucks of
the 21st century. For 2+
players, 37 new counters, new
Auto-Duel Champions
This book combines Car Wars
with superheroes — the rules
are compatible with the
Champions role-playing
game. Includes rules for
helicopters in Car Wars plus
two scenarios and a map.
Car Wars Referee's Screen
Handy GiVl's screen containing
all the game information
for easy reference.
One player commands 10
Imperial Troopers, defending
Earth settlers from the hordes
of alien primitives commanded
by the second player.
Odds of 50:1 and violent
energy storms combine to
make this a tense, fast-paced
game. For2 players, 154 counters,
full-colourcard map, and
one six-sided die,
A game of armoured conflict
In the far future, similar in feel
to the a ward-winning Panzer
Leader/Panzer Blitz from
Avalon Hill. Units have no
zones of control, but most
have active defences added to
their normal attack values at
close range. Game turns are
novel too: one player moves,
then the otherfires—but only
at what his sensors can detect.
Simple but effective rules
simulate an arsenal of futuristic
weaponry. A fast-moving
rival to Ogre and GEV. Fori or
2 players, 194 counters, 6
geomorphic full-colour map
boards, and 2 six-sided dice.
One player leads the Star Vikings
in an orgy of pillage and
destruction across the galaxy;
the second, as commander of
the federate forces, organises
planetary defences and gathers
strength for revenge. This
game features a tile system
which generates a new'galaxy'
of worlds and a different game
each time it is played. For 2
players, 154 counters, 12
astromorphic play tiles, and
one six-sided die.
One player is the Goblin King
leading his forces in plundering
the lands of the second
player, the feudal lord, who
must mobilise his forces and
throw back the Goblins. But if
the Goblin King loses too
much plunder he will be
deposed — at which time the
players swop rolesi For 2
players, 154 full-colour counters,
full-colour map board
and one six-sided die.
A fast-moving tactical space
combat game f r om the makers
of Starfleet Battles. The game
has great potential w i t h features
that include guidelines
for t h e design of spacecraft to
players' own specifications. For
2-3 players, rules, counters,
tactical map sheet and 10
This advanced version o1 Starfire
I features new tactics and
warships plus nine new
scenarios. For 2-3 players,
rules, counters, and a tactical
map sheet.
Starfire III: Empires
This strategic module supple
ments both Starfire I and Starfire
II. It allows players to
create races, planet systems,
warp lines and much, much
more. New warships and additional
rules are also included.
You get: rules, guidelines and
Within the forgotten dungeons
of Valkenburg Castle,
great adventures await you.
Players raise parties of warriors,
thieves, and wizards,
each w i t h their o w n special
abilities, t o enter t he castle to
butcher Ores, rescue damsels
in distress and slay dragons.
For 2, 3, or 4 players, 54 play
counters, 5 level dungeon
chart, and rules.
Survival: Jardine's spacecraft
has crash-landed on an alien
planet, can you take h im
through the dangerous w i l derness
back t o safety?
The Barbarian: As Vaarn the
Barbarian, y o u seek the symbols
of leadership which are
mankind's last hope in the
face of darkness.
In this pack of t w o solitaire
games, you get: rules, counters
and t w o wilderness play
A race against time t o f i nd the
weapon which will destroy the
murderous, shape-changing
alien being which has invaded
the space station Prometheus.
For 1,2, or more players, rules,
counters and plans of the
A game in w h i c h the players
take the parts of t he wizards
Darman, Sharn, Algona and
Umaron asthey exchange fantastic
spells in their struggle
for the wizards' stronghold.
For 2-4 players, rules, counters
and play map.
In the distant future, robot
armies clash for supremacy
on Earth; this game allows
you t o design metal monsters
t o your o w n specifications.
For 2 or more players, rules,
counters and play map.
Using a system derived f r om
the Starfleet Battles rules,
players simulate the clash of
the Dreadnoughts in thirteen
stirring scenarios f r om the
first and second World Wars.
Every battleship ever built or
planned is included. For 2 or
more players, rules, counters
and tactical sea chart.
The Ultra Warrior w i t h heat
blaster and frost bolts is the
knight of the f a r f u t u r e . In this
game, the players pit w a r r i o r
against warrior in contests
that lay bare w h o l e planets.
For 2 players, rules, counters
and unique variable terrain
The first Lunar War, 1996: the
US Marines Specialised Battalion
is rushed t o t he defence
of the US moon colonies
under Soviet threat. One
player leads the marines, outnumbered
but w i t h futuristic
weapons, the other takes the
part of t he Russian forces. For
2 players, rules, counters and
Lunarterrain chart.
One player leads the Bataki
freedom fighters and their
leviathans, w h i l e the second
playertakes the part of t he evil
United Planetary Congress
and its powerful forces. Can
guerilla tactics w i n t h r o u g h in
the face of sonic cannon and
space artillery? For 2 players,
54 counters, rules and campaign
map sheet.
An Earth colony ship has been
disabled by a cybernetic starship.
The humans' only hope
is t o enter t he alien ship, battle
w i t h its robotic defences and
destroy its computer. The
game is essentially designed
for solitaire play, but a second
player can take the part of the
robot ship's defences. For 1-2
players, 54 counters, rules and
starship plans.
In a wretched prison camp,
the victims of an inter-stellar
war face certain death at the
hands of their cannibal captors.
The prisoners plan to
escape, but can they evade
the prison guards' t r ip nets,
trackers and air units. For 2
players, 54 counters, rules, and
camp and terrain map sheet.
A crazy race game in which
each player takes command
of a giant A l l Terrain Vehicle
armed w i t h devastating
weapons. Hethen h a s t o g u i de
it over a brutal rally course,
f i g h t i n g opponents' vehicles
along the way. Victory goes to
the first survivor over the line.
For 2-6 players, rules, 108 play
counters and racecourse chart.
Does for f u t u r e ground combat
what Starfire did f o r space
combat, using the same simple
system. Provides five
types of infantry, eight types
of combat vehicle, six types of
aircraft, t w o types of fortifications,
and numerous weapon
types. For 2 players, 108 counters,
geomorphic maps of
planets, asteroids and moons,
and rules.
Fast moving fantasy game
depicting the struggle of the
various races of Arklyrell to
gain the balance of power
through armed combat. For
2-4 players, full-colour map,
54 counters and rules.
and inexpensive. It won't take you all
dayto learn the rules — orall nightto play, but
each game is challenging and fun.
All MicroGames are for 2 players and come
with a 4y4"x7" rulebook (with full-colour
cover); a game map; and a set of counters
printed on stiff card.
These are packaged in an unusual format
resembling a double L.P. record album. Each
game comes with a colourful map mounted on
the inside of the 'record sleeve', counters, storage
bags and play aids.
A game of tactical armoured
combat in the 21 st century.
Out-thinl< your opponent in
this fast-playing game of
interstellar manoeuvre and
The war is over. Everyone is
dead. But the machines keep
on f i g h t i n g !
Players battle to control the
mysterious alien artifact discovered
on the moon.
Can t h e Freefleet militia defeat
the invading demons f r om
another dimension?
Ship-to-ship combat set during
t h e 'Heroic' era of Greek
A rollicking game of plunder
and pillage in t he 10th century.
A complex game of free market
space exploration and
A f un and easy f a m i l y game of
the stock market for 2 or more
An exciting game for 2
players. Forfansof 1950'shorror
A hard-hitting game of warfare
set d u r i n g t he last days of
South Vietnam.
Man-to-alien brawling and
combat, a long t i m e ago, in a
galaxy far away.
Nerve-wracking tension and
skill are combined in t h is
game of modern warfare.
Rampaging Indians menace
ranches, wagon trains and
stagecoaches! — w i l l the
cavalry arrive in time?
Test your ski!! as a champion
jockey in this game of bluff
and nerves.
Be a gangland kingpin or a
police commissioner struggling
for control of a city.
A challenging abstract military
strategy game for 2
A fast-moving, tense game
re-creating the exploits of the
German commerce raiders of
World War II.
Tactical level simulation of
the actions fought by the
British Commandoes during
I World War I!.
This, the leading British science
f i c t i on and fantasy games
magazine, features articles on
Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons,
HuneQuest, Traveller, Tunnels
& Trolls and other role-playing
games. A news/gossip page
and a classified advertisements
department make this
magazine essential reading
for the serious UK adventure
gamer. Published monthly/
available on subscription.
The best articles f r om the
early years of White Dwarf
concerning fantasy figure
painting, Fiend Factory, Dungeons
& Dragons, Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons, and
Traveller, as well as a readyto-
play solitaire fantasy
boardgame — The Barbarian.
The best scenarios f r om the
years 1977-80 including Lair
of the White W y rm for
RuneQuest and The Sable
Rose A f f a i r f o r Traveller. Other
scenarios cover Dungeons &
Dragons, Gamma World and
Chivalry & Sorcery.
Reprinted f r om issues 17-29,
includes Introduction to D&D,
Dungeon Architect, Backdrop
of Stars, plus lots more.
Reprinted f r om issues 17-29,
includes scenarios for D&D
and Traveller.
Hardbound storage for up to
12 issues of White Dwarf.
Provides 7r3ve//er players and
referees w i t h future news for
inclusion in Traveller adventures,
as well as feature articles,
play aids and miniscenarios
for Traveller.
Selected articles f r om Journals
5-8 including profiles of
the Vargr and Asian, 8 adventure
situations and 5 feature
articles including the Imperial
Interstellar Scout Servibe by
Marc Miller.
To be released soon.
News, articles and adventure
situations f o r Traveller by
Contains articles and reviews
on SFand fantasy games, plus
a game in every issue.
News, features and articles
for the military historian, and
a complete historical wargame
in every other issue.
TSR (UK)'s adventure gaming
magazine, includes scenarios,
cartoons and articles.
Voted 'best fanzine' at Games
Day '82, full of role-playing
game ideas and gossip.
News, articles and scenarios for
TSR adventure games including
Dungeons & Dragons.
A selection of the best articles
and scenarios f r o h i 1975-78.
A selection of the best articles
and scenarios f r om 1978-81.
News, articles and scenarios
for Steve Jackson games and
the major role-playing systems.
News, articles and scenarios
for Chaosium games, including
RuneQuest and Call of
News, articles and scenarios
for Flying Buffalo games,
including Tunnels & Trolls.
News, articles and scenarios for
l a s t Force games, including
Starfire and Starfleet Battles.
News, articles and scenarios
for Car Wars players.
An American magazine which
offers news, reviews and
programming details on the
latest developments in home
computer games.
Even when published on a
regular basis, American
magazines tend to arrive in
the UK at erratic intervals.
Telephone Games Workshop
for up-to-date information
about latest issues.
Modern hobby gaming began with wargames:
the multi-player abstract strategy game Diplomacy
laid the groundwork, but it was the proliferation
of historical simulations that established
gaming as an international leisure-time
activity. There are now hundreds of titles available,
on conflicts from ancient history to the
1980's; and many more are published each
year, mainl/in the USA. Games Workshop
stocks the best wargames from the largest and
most consistent American manufacturers:
Avalon Hill, Game Designers' Workshop,
Yaquinto Publications, and others.
Most wargames are designed for two players
(although many are suitable for solitaire play,
and some can be played by more than two} and
nearly all are based on the idea of superimposing
a grid of hexagons over a map of the battle
terrain to regularise the movement and combat
of the fighting units, which are represented by
cardboard counters. The best designs combine
considerable historical accuracy with a high
level of playability.
This is a growing range of boxed strategic wargames,
using standard rules and map system,
which covers World War II in Europe. Each
game uses the basic Europe system w i th special
rules covering the historical situation in
Once complete, the Europe Series will be
able to be combined to allow players to refight
any campaign — or even the whole of the Second
World War — on a divisional level.
A two-player game re-creating
the Battle of Britain and Germany's
proposed invasion of
England — 'Operation Sealion'.
The 1,200 counters
include all the land, sea and
air units that took part; and
t h e t w o 2 1 " x 2 7 " maps cover
all of Britain and Northern
Although France was defeated
easily by Germany, it could
have been very different. Find
out w h y w i t h this 2 player
game of the French campaign
of May 1940. The components
include: 1,400 unit counters,
two 21 " x 2 7 " maps, rules, dice
charts and play aids.
The invasion of Poland in September
1939 changed theface
of modern warfare. In only
two weeks, Poland was
defeated by Germany's
revolutionary Blitzkrieg tactics.
Case White allows you to
re-create the campaign and
test alternative strategies. For
2 players, w i t h 450 counters, 3
maps, rules and play aids.
This is one of the most popular
games in t he Europa Series. A
closely balanced game for 2
players, it is exciting and accurately
re-creates the Norwegian
campaign of April 1940.
The components include: 500
counters, 1 campaign map
and t w o tactical maps.
The whole of the Balkan Camp
a i g n , f r om Italy's initial disastrous
attacks to Germany's
airborne invasion of Crete, is
covered by this game. 587
counters represent the units
that took part in the campaign
and t w o 21 " x 2 7 " maps cover
the area of operations f r om
Albania to Crete.
The first expansion module
for the Europa Series. This
game includes maps and
counters covering the territory
and armed forces of Turkey,
Iraq and Iran, as well as the
Commonwealth troops that
intervened there during the
This simulates the campaigns
in Egypt and Libya f r om
December 1940 until January
1943, as well as t he peripheral
operations in Malta, Syria and
the Lebanon. The standard
system is used w i t h some
modifications to provide for
the unique nature war in the
desert. In addition to the regular
Italian, German and British
forces, counters are provided
for specialised units such as
l i g h t t a n k s , US A r m y Air Force
units. Free French and Vichy
forces, the Polish Carpathian
brigade, and the sunken cruiser
San Giorgio. Components
include over 400 counters,
t w o 22"x28" maps and rules.
Named Series 120 as each game contains 120
counters and is designed to be played within 2
hours. This range of games for 2 players is
exciting and ski ful without being too complicated.
They form an ideal introduction to the
hobby for beginners, and more experienced
players will also find them enjoyable.
This tactical level game
recreates Nathaniel Greene's
colonial militia's clash with
the British redcoats of General
Cornwallis at one of the decisive
battles of the American
War of Independence.
The Battle of Alma took place
during the Crimean War in
September 1854. It was the
first engagement between
European armies since the
Battle of Waterloo. The game
covers the battle, where allied
battalions and regiments
fought desperately to oust the
Russians from their excellent
defensive positions.
After the death of Alexander
the Great, the 'successors'
fought for control of his huge
empire. One of the most
important battles of this era
wasfought at Raphia in 217BC
asphalanxes,cavalry and war
elephants clashed for control
of the known world.
The Battle of Lobositz took
place during the Seven Years
War, i n heavy fog on the banks
of the river Elbe. The game
system reflects the confusing
and difficult situation and was
a winner of the Game Designers'
Guild 'Select Award'.
Prague simulates one of Frederick
the Great's most brilliant
victories over his Austrian
opponents. The game
allows the players to attempt
to do the same as the Prussians,
or change history as the
Austrians, in this exciting and
accurate tactical game.
A strategic level simulation of
the German invasion of
France on a corps/divisional
level. Special rules cover air
power, secret planning and
the allocation of troops, and
the option to invade through
neutral Switzerland.
In June 1941, Germany
invaded Russia and in the
months that followed almost
defeated her. 1941 covers the
crucial months from June to
December using monthly
turns and corps to army sized
units. Optional rules allow the
game to be extended into the
early months of 1942 to cover
the Soviet Winter Offensive.
In February 1941, the
remnants of the Italian 10th
Army, retreating towards
Libya, found their way blocked
by a small British armoured
force. The game re-creates
the Italians' desperate attempt
to break through on a company/
battalion level.
This range of board wargames allows you to
make the decisions and maybe change the
course of history.
All are up to Game Designers' Workshop's
usual high standard of historical accuracy and
playability, and cover battles from the days of
Napoleon to the Arab-Israeli War of 1973.
Designed by John Prados of
Third Reich fame, this intermediate
complexity game
covers the whole of World
War ll's Pacific Theatre of
Operations, taking into
account economic, as well as
military strategy. For 2-6
players, with 840 counters and
2 maps.
A complex, detailed simulation
of the battle for Velikiye-
Luki during the winter of 1942/
3. The award-winning, highly
innovative system accurately
portrays the varied and fluid
nature of modern warfare. For
2 players, with 450 counters
and 1 map.
SUEZ '73
Uses the same system as
White Death, with special
rules to cover modern
weapons and tactics, to recreate
the Israeli 'Operation
Lionheart' which crossed the
Suez Canal and isolated an
entire Egyptian Army. For 2
players, with 500 counters and
1 map.
Allows the players to take
command of a squad of First
World War infantry in this simple,
action-packed game of
man-to-man combat in the
trenches and shell-holes of
no-man's-land. For 2 players,
with 240 counters and 1 map.
No contemporary conflict has
generated as much interest as
the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, and
Bar-Lev has cause to be
accepted as the best and most
comprehensive treatment of
the subject. For 2 players, 500
counters, and 2 maps.
An intermediate complexity
game which covers, on a divisional
level, the Allied Campaign
against Germany from
September 1944 to April 1945
and accurately re-creates the
mobile, changing nature of
the campaign. For 2 players,
with 480 counters and 1 map.
Highly acclaimed in the Hobby
press when released, A House
Divided uses a simple, elegant
system to re-create the entire
American Civil War in a fast,
exciting and historical manner.
For 2 players, with 160
counters and 2 maps.
A multi-player game of diplomacy
and strategy set on a
fictional continent and loosely
based on the Seven Years
War. The game uses the
House Divided system with
new rules to cover special
units and events. For 2-4
players, with 320 counters and
2 maps.
Waterloo is perhaps the most
famous battle in history and
marked the final defeat of
Napoleon. 7S75 allows you to
refight the whole of this vital
campaign using battalion/
regiment sized unitsand intermediate
level rules.
In December 1944, Hitler
amassed the last of his
armoured reserves in a desperate
bid to turn the tide of the
war. Using the flexible House
Divided system, this game
shows, on the regimental
level, how close he came to
success. For 2 players, with
320 counters and 2 maps.
A strategic simulation of the
Soviet offensive which led to
the destruction of Germany's
Army Group Centre in 1944.
The game's intermediate level
rules emphasise the importance
of armoured reserves
and the speed of Blitzkrieg
warfare. For 2 players, with
240 counters and 4 maps.
The long-awaited game of
modern tactical armoured
combat in the 1980's set in
Germany. With counters rep-
. resenting platoons and sections,
battalions fight it out
for key ground, with victory
going to the commander who
best matches his resources to
the mission. Multiple
This introduces a novel game
system in a treatment of
proven popular subject — the
Allies battle with the Germans
in the Normandy bocage
when both sides were in the
dark as to the enemy's exact
position. Both players have
duplicate copies of the same
map and their positions are
revealed only when they come
into contact. For 2 players.
WWI aerial combat simulation
in which each player pilots his
own aircraft in dogfights over
thetrenches. Fokkers, Camels,
SE-5AS, Albatrosses, Spads
and other aircraft are available.
The unique system of
plotted manoeuvres allows
simultaneous movement with
a minimum of fires and results
in this highly playable game
for up to 12 players.
Avalon Hill virtually invented board wargames
as we know them today: their Gettysburg was
the first commercially available historical wargame
and today they still lead the market. All
Avalon Hill games come with mounted maps
and press-varnished counters, and the rules
are extensively tested and developed to ensure
a complete quality product. It is no wonder that
Avalon Hill games have the highest percentage
of 'best game awards' in the hobby games
Of intermediate to high complexity,
this game covers
plane-to-plane combat over
Europe at a tactical level, Over
25 different planes are
included from the Hurricane
to the Me262jet. For2-H
players, 255 counters and 6
geomorphic map sections.
This adds 30 new aircraft and
special rules to the/^/rfbrce
game to cover the air war in
the Pacific, Airforce is essential
to play this. It adds 365
new counters and 30 new
aeroplane cards.
An intermediate to high level
complexity game that enables
you to refight Alexander's brilliant
victory over the Persian
hosts of King Darius on a tactical
level. For 2 players, 100
counters and a 22"x28" map.
An operational level re-creation
of the Allied amphibious
landings and campaigns to
secure the Italian peninsula in
World War II. The basic game
is of intermediate complexity.
The advanced game is high
level. For 2 players, 400 coun- -
ters and a 44"x14" map.
A high complexity game that
coversthe1967and 1973 Middle
East Wars, with tactical
level scenarios ranging from
delaying actions to armoured
breakouts. For 2 players, 450
counters and 4 geomorphic
map sections.
An extensive redesign of the
original classic game to bring
it up to the state of the art. The
game is at operational level
and of intermediate complexity.
For 2 players, 156 counters
and a 22"x34" map.
An intermediate complexity
game that simulates the Bismark's
attempt to elude the
Royal Navy and devastate Britain's
naval supply lines at a
strategic/tactical level. For 2
players, 300 counters, 2
search maps and 1 tactical
battle map.
An intriguing game of intermediate
complexity that covers
the battle that led to the
pacifying of Gaul in 51BC at a
tactical level. For 2-4 players,
400 counters and a 22"x33"
An intermediate complexity
game that covers, in 5
strategic level scenarios,
Rome's campaigns against
the barbarian tribes of Germany.
For 2 players, 400 counters
and a 22"x28" map,
An incredibly realistic game
of high complexity that recreates
the carrier battles in
the Coral Sea during World
War II at operational level. For
2 players.
The Western Front of World
War II from the Allied invasion
in 1944 to the war's end. Of
intermediate/high complexity
and covered at a strategic
level. For two players, 520
counters and a 22"x24" map.
An intermediate complexity,
strategic level re-creation of
one of the quickest and most
decisive campaigns ever
fought. For 2 players, 200
counters and a 22"x24" map.
A low complexity game at
operational level that uses a
unique system to simulate the
changing nature of the famous
Battle of Shiloh in the
American Civil War. For 2
players, 240 counters.
A low complexity game of tactical
man-to-man combat in
the arenas of ancient Rome.
For 2+ players, includes 48
large counters.
Of intermediate complexity,
this is an exciting, playable,
tactical game that brings to
life the tales of the Old West.
For 2-7 players, 296 counters
and 8 geomorphic maps.
An intermediate complexity
game that covers the whole of
World War I in 10 scenarios or
as a mammoth campaign
game, all at grand strategic
level. For 2 players, 800 counters
and a 22"x32" map.
An immense game of high
complexity that covers the
whole of the Normandy campaign
from June to August
1 g^M at operational level. For
2 players (or teams), 1500
counters and a 55"x24" map.
Of intermediate complexity,
this re-creates the Allied
bomber campaign agianst
Germany — a tense game of
skill at a strategic level. For 2
players, 180 counters and a
22"x24" map.
A fast and furious game of low
complexity that deals, at
strategic level, with the campaign
that led to the final
defeat of Napoleon. For 2-3
players, 48 wooden playing
pieces and a 16"x22" map.
Set sail m the days of Nelson
and refight the famous naval
battles of the Napoleonic era
in this intermediate complexity
game at the tactical level.
For2-i- players, 150counters
and a 22"x28" map.
A low complexity strategy
game that brings to life the
legend of Robin Hood and his
epic struggle with the Sheriff
of Nottingham. For 2 players,
100 counters and a 17"x22"
Intermediate complexity
simulation at a strategic level
of the critical stand of the 20th
Maine Regiment at the Battle
of Gettysburg. For 2 players,
100 counters and a 17"x22"
Low complexity, operational
treatment of Wellington versus
Napoleon In one of history's
most famous battles, which
brought an end to the French
Empire. For 2 players, 150
counters and a 22"x28" map.
Of low/intermediate complexity,
this operational level
simulation re-creates the
climax of the Hundred Days
Campaign of 1815, Napoleon's
last chance for victory. For 2
players, 100 counters and an
11"x16" map.
November, 1796, saw the first
real test of Napoleon's
strategic skill: can you do as
well as he did? A low/intermediate
complexity game at
the operational level. For 2
players, 100 counters and an
11"x16" map.
A low complexity card game
of strategy, skill and luck
based on World War II naval
combat. For 3-9 players, and
contains 162 game cards.
An intermediate complexity
re-creation of the strategic
campaigns of the brilliant'Soldier
King'from 1756 to 1759.
For 2 players, 260 counters
and a 22"x32" map.
Napoleon's campaigns in
Franceduring 1814werearguably
his finest, and are simulated
at strategic level in this
massive, high complexity
game. For 2 players (or
teams), 255 counters and two
22"x34" map sections.
A multi-player, grand strategic
game of intermediate complexity
based upon the colonisation
of the 'New World' —
North and South America. For
1-4 players.
A low/intermediate complexity
gamein which the desert campaigns
of Rommel are simulated
at strategic level in an
exciting, realistic manner. For
2 players, 200 counter and a
22"x34" map.
The intermediate complexity
companion to Panzer Blitz,
covers warfare on the Western
Front in over 16 scenarios at
the tactical level. For2 players,
380counters and 4 geomorphic
Armoured warfare on the
Eastern Front in World War II
is recreated in this best-selling
tactical wargame of intermediate
complexity. For 2
players, 380 counters and 4
geomorphic maps,
A tactical game of World War I
aerial combat over France,
with over 32 different aeroplane
types to choose from
and intermediate level complexity
rules. For 2+ players,
180 counters and a 22"x24"
Winner of two 'Best Game'
awards, this highly popular
strategic game covers the
Eastern Front of World War II
at low/intermediate level complexity.
For 2 players, 240
counters and a 22"x28" map.
Multi-player, strategic game
in which players struggle to
become 'Shogun' in feudal
Japan. A 2-4 player game of
intermediate complexity, with
360 counters and a 22"x32"
Of low level complexity, this is
a tactical re-creation of the
epic struggle of the British 1st
Airborne Division isolated in
the town of Arnhem. For 2
players, 224 counters and a
22"x32" map.
A high complexity, realistic
simulation of Napoleon's
campaigns in Saxony during
1813, dealt with at strategic
level. For2 players (orteams),
432 counters, and 22"x27"
and 16"x22" maps.
A tense duel of nerve and wit,
re-creating tactical submarine
warfare during World War II
with high level complexity
rules. For 2+ players, 200
counters and a 28"x33" map.
Voted 'Best Game of All Time'
by Campaign magazine. Third
Reicti covers the whole of
World War II in Europe at
grand-strategic level and is of
high complexity. For 2-5
players, 500 counters and a
32"x22" map.
A playable, action-packed low
complexity simulation of the
naval war in the Pacific during
World War II at strategic level.
For 2 players, 200 counters
and a 22"x28" map.
Intermediate complexity
game of the campaigns of
Napoleon from 1805 to 1815
covered at strategic level in
ten scenarios and a campaign
game. For2-f players, 1,000
counters and a 16"x44" map.
Of low complexity, this is the
ideal beginners' game. Using
a simple, fast and exciting system,
it portrays the battle for
the Atlantic at strategic level.
For 2 players, 100 counters
and a 22"x14" map.
This series of wargames has probably received
more praise than any other on the market, and
has picked up a total of four awards — so far,
The underlying theme of Squad Leader is
morale. Counters represent 10-man squads,
AFV's, and individual leaders. The leaders play
a major role by directing fire, rallying broken
units and generally enhancing the performance
of their troops. This basic system has
proved an excellent base to build on by using
the 'Programmed Instruction' format to introduce
new rules gradually. Once you feel comfortable
with the system, you can go on to new
scenarios, adding more complexity at your
own rate.
Once mastered, the Squad Leader series
allows any battalion level conflict fought in
World War II to be simulated, f r om small skirmishes
to combined arms assaults involving
paratroops, cavalry and partisans.
These three World War II games use a common
system that combines superb accuracy and
detail with a unique card data system to speed
up play.
The intermediate/high level
complexity game that introduces
the system that covers
all aspects of infantry vxarfare
at a tactical level. For 2
players, 700 counters and 4
geomorphic maps.
Cross of Iron
(Extension Set 1)
This high level complexity set
greatly expands the AFV rules
f r om Squad Leader, on a t a c t i cal
level, and adds much more
besides. Contains 1,000 counters
and 1 n ew map.
Crescendo of Doom
(Extension Set 2)
A high level complexity set
w/hich extends the game to
cover French, Polisfi and
British units at a tactical level.
It contains 1,300 counters and
2 new geomorphic maps.
Gl Anvil of Victory
(Extension Set 3|
A tactical level set of high
complexity that streamlines
the game system, and adds
many new rules. Contains
1,500 new counters and 5 new
Intermediate complexity, fastmoving
tactical combat in
Western Europe. For 2 players,
590 counters and maps,
An intermediate tactical game
that takes you to the open
steppes of Russia, 1943-45.
For 2 players, 590 counters
and maps.
Intermediate complexity, recreation
of tactical combat in
the deserts of North Africa.
For 2 players, 590 counters
and maps.
Solitaire Scenarios
Provides six solo scenarios
for use w i t h the Panzer, Armor
and 'SS'game system.
NOTE: Ownership of at least
one of the three games Armor,
Panzer o r ' 8 8 ' /s
necessary to play.
Presents a high complexity,
operational treatment of the
bomber offensive f r om mid
1943 to early '44 in over 20
scenarios. For 2 players, 450
counters and a 2 1 " x 2 7 " map.
The ultimate tactical aerial
wargame that covers every
aspect of First W o r l d War
aerial combat w i t h a high
degree of complexity. For 2+
players, 444 counters and
three 21 " x 9 " geomorphic
A l ow complexity, grand
strategic game that catapults
you into a tense w o r l d of
negotiations and diplomacy,
in an easily learned, f un game.
For 2-4 players, 240 counters
and a 12"x24" map.
An exciting, l ow complexity
game of tactics that brings to
life the adventures of Beau
Geste. For2 players, 200counters
and a 12"x24" map.
This tactical, simultaneous
movement game deals with
ship-to-ship combat during
the American Civil War and is
of intermediate complexity.
For 2 + players, 300 counters
and a 47"x27" map.
Ironclads Expansion Kit
Adds ships, scenarios and
new optional rules to the
Ironclads game, Includes 300
new counters.
This is a simulation of tactical
man-to-man combat set during
World War II, w i th information
on squad organisation,
weapons and vehicles for six
different countries — France,
Germany, Great Britain (and
Commonwealth), Italy, the
USSR and USA. The game
features movable terrain for
an infinite variety of scenarios.
The optional rules a l l ow for
the game to be played at any
complexity level f r om l ow to
high, as well as providing
many scenarios and rules for
solitaire play. For 1-4 players,
almost 300 die cut counters, a
12"x24" mounted mapboard,
a 1-10 die, rules and play aids.
Victory Games Inc are a new company that is These games have been off the market for
producing a growing range of high quality, in- some time, but now a small selection of the
depth simulations for the committed wargamer. best games in the range are available again.
A comprehensive, high complexity
game of land, air and
sea strategic/operational combat
in t he Persian Gulf. Set in
the near future, this is an
extremely realistic and detailed
examination of modern warfare.
For 2 players, 910 counters
and three 22"x32" maps.
An operational simulation of
the greatest airborne campaign
of World War II: Operat
i on Market Garden. The high
complexity allows an appreciation
of every facet of t he campaign
without bogging down
in endless detail. For 2 players,
620 counters and t w o 20"x28"
A strategic level game of high
complexity that covers the
entire American Civil War in
every theatre, w i t h special
attention paid to the roles of
leaders, administration and
supply. For 2 players, 520
counters and t w o 22"x32"
High complexity game of
modern tactical combat in an
urban environment. For 2
players, 1,400 counters and
two 17"x22" maps.
A moderate complexity game
at operational level in which
Nato forces in West Germany
confront the Warsaw Pact
steamroller in a hypothetical
future war. For 2 players, 400
counters and a 22"x34" map.
A highly complex and realistic,
hidden movement game
that faces the player w i t h all
the operational problems of a
real divisonal commander.
For 2 players (3 if referee
option is used), 1,200 counters
and t w o 22"x34" maps.
A set of f o u r separate tactical/
operational games of high
complexity that re-create the
most famous battles of
medieval history. For 2
players, 380 counters and four
17"x22" maps.
These games are not in the normal simulation
vein. They are more conventional board games
based on or around warfare.
Two games in one package! A
two-player re-creation of the
Peloponnesian war between
Athens and Sparta, and a
multi-player game in which
each player takes the part of
an empire in the Mediterranean
during the centuries
before the birth of Christ.
Imperial Governor: For 3-6
players, 260 counters, 130
playing cards, map, rules and
play aids.
S(rafegios;For2 players, 260
counters, map rules and play
A strategic game of intermediate
complexity set in the
years leading u p t o W o r l d War
II. The players must attempt to
discover vital secrets to help
t h em w i n the war. For 2-5
players, 250 counters and map
Up to 7 players battle to control
the last of eight rivals of
the royal houses of York and
Lancaster for the throne of
England. Strategy, diplomacy
and treachery abound in this
exciting game. For 2-7 players,
100 counters, t w o decks of
cards and a mounted map
Best-selling game of international
intrigue, as t he players
guide the destinies of major
European powers f r om 1901
onwards. No dice are used, it
is up to the players to outwit
and out-think their opponents.
A game that has reached cult
status and continues to g r ow
in appeal. For 2-7 players, 100
counters, mounted map board.
Brings to life the exploits of
Ben Hur's chariot race in the
days of ancient Rome. Up to
10 players can compete in a
game that requires skill and
iron nerves.
Similar to Diplomacy but set
in the days of political intrigue
in Renaissance Italy with special
rules covering assassinations,
mercenaries and bribery.
For 2-6 players.
Based on the world of hotel
investment. Players must
compete to form and then
expand hotel chains to
become the wealthiest player
at the end of the game.
Two games in one package.
The first is an ideal family
game based on the world of
big business; the second is a
realistic simulation for the
serious business student.
A 2-7 player game that
requires skilful political,
economic and military manoeuvring
in order to build the
most successful civilisation
during the 'Heroic Age' —
Find out how you would fare
as an executive on the Board
of Directors of a large corporation,
in this fun, exciting game.
Five games in one, each
simulating a different aspect
of living off the land in a hostile
wilderness. An excellent
'solo' game.
Allows one or more players to
literally redraw the map of
Africa in a fun game that recreates
the danger and glory
faced by the Victorian explorers
of the 'Dark Continent'.
A playable, simple game that
allows 2-8 players to compete
to make the most money on
the stock market. Buy low, sell
high: but be careful, or unexpected
price fluctuations will
wipe you out!
Whereas Stocks & Bonds is a
simple, fun re-creation of the
stock market, the Stock Market
game is a realistic simulation
which plays just like the real
thing. No dice,all skill; for 2 or
more players.
A game of organised crime in
which up to six players earn
revenue from various rackets
and buy thugs, hitmen and
political influence to control
the city. Each player is re-presented
by a Godfather; when
a Godfather is rubbed out, that
player is out of the game.
A game of presidential elections,
in which from two to
four players representing
presidential candidates battle
for the highest office in the
land. Each player controls a
potential president and vicepresident
who travel the US
campaigning for votes in key
cities. The game length is
selected by the players at the
start. After the final turn,
popular and electoral votes
are counted to decide the winner.
Scandals, endorsements,
debates, and political allies all
play important roles in determining
who occupies the Oval Office.
When it comes to
small figures, we are
big on detail.
If you are looking for a metal figure of the
fighter who is wearing a cloak, spiked
platemail, horned helmet, face mask,
backpack and is armed with a doublehanded
axe and shield bearing a deathhead
crest, then the chances are that
more awards in the UK for their ranges of fantasy figures than all the
other companies combined. Why? The answer is simple. We at
CITADEL are gamers ourselves. We recognise the need for original,
imaginative and individuaHsed figures - so that's what we make.
Visit any branch of GAMES WORKSHOP or local hobby shop to
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If you prefer to look at our ranges at your
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compendium features illustrations of the
entire CITADEL ranges, a figure painting
guide, letters, Warhammer rules and
scenarios and more.