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Citadel Miniatures Catalogue Third Edition 1983

Vinyl Odyssey: Strawberry Switchblade - Who Knows What Love Is?

More mid 80’s bal-ard. Years ago when I had a shop, there was a bloke who used to come in and chat- well he’d come in speak at me for 5 minutes and then abruptly leave (never bought anything). He mostly used to talk about music and would repeatedly tell me how much he liked Bal-ards. “J.G. or concrete?” I felt like asking.  
The B side to this has the extended ‘kitchensynch’ mix up version that should have been the A side to the 12” version mentioned in VO#6- replete with drum machine breaks (reverse snare et. al.).  Anyway Who Knows What Love Is? is a bit of a dreary domestic love song- all cups of tea, bored living rooms and glossy magazines with lyrics not quite as good as this sentence. Track two, ‘Poor Hearts’ is much better. Here's an unreleased version that sounds far better than the one on this record, which has the bog- S.A.W.-standard 80's production.

 Who picked the first one to be a single?  According to Wikipedia it only got to number 84 in the charts.   Fun Fact: Jill Bryson now records as lovely sounding The Shapists:

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A Side:
1. Who Knows What Love Is? 2. Poor Hearts

B Side:
1. Let Her Go (Kitchen Synch Mix-Up)

Korova Records 1985
KOW 41T (249 057-0)
KOW 41T A//1420V
KOW 41T B//1420V

This record has been recently tested and is scratch free.
The outer sleeve is in excellent condition with only a few minor creases.

Vinyl Odyssey : Strawberry Switchblade – Let Her Go 12”

Most 12” singles from the 80’s where just the single with an extra bit of drum machine at the beginning middle and or end. Except for this one, which just has the standard single on the A side but 2 tracks on the B. Let Her Go is ok as far as pop singles go, but it’s no ‘Since Yesterday’.  Side B’s first tracks is a ballad, a bit slow but also a bit of a ‘grower’- it suffers from mid 80’s soulless production and would sound better done Mazzy Star / Country-Gloom style, with more guitars and less drum machine.  Track 2, ‘Michael Who Walks By Night’- has got the cheesy keyboard set to a slow tempo Bossa Nova and sounds like she’s singing  “my cocoa’s fine”??

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Strawberry Switchblade: Let Her Go 12" single
B Side:
1. Beautiful End
2. Michael Who Walks By Night

Korova Records 1985
KOW 39T (24911-0)
KOW 39T A//1420V
KOW 39T B//1420V

This record has been recently tested and is scratch free.
The outer sleeve has one small crease on the top right corner and is otherwise in excellent condition.

Laserdisks! The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show Thames Video 1982

Thames Video Laserdisc
112 Minutes
Mono. CLV, Long Play. PAL/SECAM
 featured guests include: David Bowie, Elvis Costello, David Essex, Cliff Richards, Thin Lizzy &; Roxy Music