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My Diary April 1983: Playing D&D, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Even More D&D!


Reading the fourth month of my 1983 Diary in which I play endless games of Dungeons and Dragons, go the cinema to watch Tron and The Dark Crystal, get traumatized by the rides at the Pleasure Beach, get hit with a metal bar, go on a Boat and even manage a spot of gardening... Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

Kung Fu Joe


Jolly Arts Movement Gig Grimsby January 1994

Vinyl Soundtrack Albums (part 2) Ghostbusters, Woodstock and Heavy Metal!


The concluding part of a look through my Original Soundtrack albums. If you've seen my picture discs vid ( you may recall I mentioned that I had the Streets of Fire soundtrack but when I came to dig these off the shelf it was nowhere to be found. Pretty sure I still have it somewhere so maybe it'll crop up in another video someday...

JohnnyCeed Travel's: Liverpool Philharmonic Pub & Reid's Bookshop

Barry Briscoe Live On Stage June 1993

From the Jolly Arts Movement Night at Jay Cee's Club, Grimsby July 1993.
Untitled Poetry Reading, Blue Velvet (Cover)

Preston Outdoor Market August 2016 (unedited)

Filmed before the recent renovations on one of the 'car boot' days. This is just the raw footage so excuse the shaky camera, shots of the floor and occasional finger over the lens.

JohnnyCeed's Neet Stuff: Vinyl Picture Discs

A close-up look at the vinyl picture discs that I own:
The Hunger  - OST
The Fink Brothers  - Mutants of Mega City One
Strawberry Switchblade -  Let Her Go
Jim Steinman - Bad For Good
Logic System - Domino Dance
Budgie - Keeping A Rendezvous  
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Don't Kill It Carol
Asia - Asia
Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf - Deadringer
Toyah - Anthem
Meat Loaf  - Nowhere Fast
Playlist Link:

Rare Records at Dig Vinyl in Liverpool April 2018

A brief dig through some of the rarer records on sale at Dig Vinyl in Liverpool. I had to swap out the audio as they were playing copyrighted music (which was a shame as they were playing Can).
Dig Vinyl's website:
Audio Link:

Charity / Thrift Shop Vinyl Record Finds #1

A look at some of the albums I've picked up from charity shops and markets over the last few months.

Ranking My Favourite D&D Modules (feat. Mo The Cat)

I've not been a regular D&D player since the mid 80's however in my early teens I was playing it 3 or 4 times a week! So, anyway, I dug out what's left of my collection of modules and have ranked them Left to Most Favourite. The memory's a bit vague on some of them but if all you've seen are the shiny new .pdf versions here's what the originals look like 30 odd years on. Oh and Mo (the cat) makes his YouTube debut.

Links to Seth Skorkowsky's vids:

Against The Cult Of The Reptile God -
White Plume Mountain -

The Barry Briscoe Singalong Session. Jay Cee's Club Grimsby 1993

Taken from the "A Load Of Old Rubbish" VHS Video compiled by Barry Briscoe.
Songs: Glad You Left, Loneliness & Born To Be Wild
From the Jolly Arts Night at Jay Cee's Club, Grimsby 20th May 1993.

The 1976/77 Kays Catalogue: Classic Board Games, Xmas Hampers, Forgotten Chocs & Booze Booze Booze!


The final installment of our journey through the nostalgia funnel that was the 1978/77 Kays Catalogue.
Better start putting away 70p a week for the Crimbo Hamper- the big day wouldn't be the same without tinned tongue, tinned ham and tinned everything else.

Oh and Terry's did a Chocolate Lemon Barrel?
Who knew...

Chaotic Neutral Knievel

The 1976/77 Kays Catalogue: Toys, Games & Creepy Killer Dolls! (part 4 of 5)


Get your pens out kids and start making up your Xmas list as we hit the toys and games section! But you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: Mr Parlanchin is comin' to town.