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The Show Febuary 2004

Well if you missed 'The Show' this month, stop reading now, it'll only upset you. Where do I start? Good job there's an extra day as I think most people will need that to recover. It was absolutely rammed in there this month to the extent that we actually had to turn people away at one point. So I'd like to thank everyone for their fantastic support and hope that everyone had a great time, it certainly looked like it!

Big thanks go out this month to Paul Doc for coming down and playing a fantastic set before having to jump in a taxi and head down to Brixton to play another, I'm sure, fantastic set.
Jenny Cherry not only designing the brilliant flyer you see about everywhere (hopefully) but working miracles dealing with the door.
Jason 'voodoo' Rea for all the photo's this month.
And my erstwhile colleague Jim Doc for a fantastic set, if you look up eclectic in the dictionary it'll say see Jims set. Dolly Parton; inspired, proving why pound for pound he's the best around.
All part of the wonderful pitchandputt family.
Also big thanks to MCraft, great set and wonderful people, and thanks for the mention on XFM. Golf Harris made their rather triumphant return, which to me was a great relief…thank you for the support.
Hopefully you'll all be there next month to enjoy some more of the same and a bit of ska courtesy of the brilliant 'Monkey Nuts'.
Great times, great people.

Paul B
pitchandputt productions
Paul Doc's Set List:

1-fats Domino - Don't leave me this way
2-henry mancini - pink panther theme
3.memphis gospel choir-all along the watchtower
4.fats waller-gravy
5.balenscu quartet -the model(mute)
6.walk this way-fuck knows(return to nashville comp) green-so glad you're mine
8.louis armstrong-caberet
9.louis armstrong-mack the knife
10.miles davis-it's late
11.david crosby-New Orleans
12.King Tubby-Tubby lovers vers
13.henry mancini-kayto's surprise

M Craft
M Craft
Jim Doc
Golf Harris

Golf Harris

Golf Harris

Golf Harris

Golf Harris

Patrick Kagoul Notes from the Frontline Part 5

February: you stand accused of being both short, even with a bonus day, cold and slightly dull. How do you plead"?

Bored, bored, bored, bored, and bored. And I assume so are you if your reading this, if your not you will be. It's February a horrible little month that hangs onto the coat tails of winter without offering the respite of spring. Too cold to be bothered to go out and still too skint to go anywhere. That's February. The only things of note that it has to offer are the main one - Valentines Day. Not of too much relevance if like me you are terminally single. But the nice people at the Football Association have scheduled the 5th round of the F.A. Cup and then there's the start of the 6 nations all in the same w/e, which kind of takes the edge of being single this w/e, as I'll be sat watching all the sport that a man can digest and not having to justify it to anyone. Ah the last bastion of the unattached.
The other thing that February offers is the American festival that Channel 5 seems to have adopted, namely 'Groundhog Day'. The second of February and for the second year running the people at Channel 5 have shown the excellent film starring Bill Murray. What's particularly worrying is that for the second year running I have sat in exactly the same place, on the same sofa, watching the same telly with the same flat mate staring at the telly then back round the room, then at the telly, then back round the room, then at the telly, then back round the room, then at the telly, then back round the room, then at the telly, then back round the room, then at the telly and wondering if the events of the film were beginning to happen to me.
That's when it's time to either
A - Get a new job,
B - Go on holiday,
C - Get in a relationship
D - Turn over.

So far I've gone for E, my plan for Valentines Day and the whole of February and ignore that it's happening and wait for it to go away.
So I'll see you in Mad March!

Patrick Kagoul

Patrick Kagoul Notes from the Frontline Part 4

Well it's that time of year again, when I make rash promises to myself that will undoubtedly lead to some form of trouble. Looking back on the ones I made last year, I seem to have done quite well all in all, even snatching some form of pathetic victory at the last minute for one of them, well not a victory but some form of 3rd round F.A. cup draw at least. I had vowed to get in touch with someone that had meant an awful lot to me and had lost touch with. So a girl then…

I decided to enlist the help of a friend to drop off a present, which I had had for over a year, (it was for her 30th birthday that I missed / bottled), so a year later - it was time to try again and deliver it to her at work, or where she had worked last time I'd seen her. The only problem was it was at the Foremost American Bank at Canary Wharf in London.

Ok not so bad you say, it's fairly accessible. Yep, but.. The only problem was it was the same week Mr George W Bush had decided to visit the country.

"So you don't mind dropping this off then?" I said to my friend. "I'll sort you out some beers or something?"
- "Ok, where does it have to go?"
Canary Wharf?

He and I had visions of him arriving at Canary Wharf…..

Security Bloke - So sir, this item is what?
My Mate - I dunno.
Security Bloke - You don't know?
My Mate - Well it's a present.
Security Bloke - For someone you know?
My Mate - Well, no actually..
Security Bloke - But you packed it yourself?
My Mate - Well, erm, no…….
Security Bloke - So Sir you have a package for someone that you don't know, containing you don't know what, from…….

Later that day I bet he still wouldn't have been able to sit down properly.

This years resolutions included giving up drinking……………….

5 days in and I'm beginning to crack.

31 years old and I must have been drinking for 15 years at least, I am Darwin's greatest creation, I am evolving, my body no longer needs food only beer. Having spent years having to counter-balance the effects of itself being polluted with chemicals of God alone knows what and having to function, to respond to ever increasingly hard tasks asked of it, my body now no longer knows how to deal with a lack of alcohol. My sleeping pattern is out of the window, my dreams are vivid and frightening. I am going through ch-ch-ch-changes I feel like these may take on some form of Kafka-esque metamorphosis. I know how Gregor Samsa must have felt. Only I am more likely to wake up as a large Orange due to the amount of Vitamin C I am consuming rather than either a giant bug or a Thin White Duke. Maybe this is what happened to Wes Brown, one day fine - the next day he's turned Orange, I'm pretty scared of this myself and to avoid it I have cut out all Cheesy Wotsits from my diet.

The real problem with giving up the booze however, is it seems to be affecting my golf. Computer golf of course (Tiger Woods PGA 2004 for the PS2), my swing seems slightly erratic and I am slicing shots off the tee. This is of course a worry, my flat mate, who is drinking, I can see getting visibly stronger with every mouthful of wine or beer consumed - whereas my play is more and more erratic, I am beginning to wince at the taste of fresh orange. This can't be the way of pros' I'm sure Bruce Lietzke would disapprove.
Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up drinking……….and as for the other resolutions, well I'm trying to give up swearing, our kid says that swearing only makes you look like a c**t.

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