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Dr Bone : Bond Rehearsal 1997


Recorded live in the rehearsal studio.
Songs played: Seven Seas, Puppet Gold, Real, Juicy, Scaramanga, Clam Bake.

Dirk - Life In A Nutshell E.P. Hate Records 1995


1. Tracker
2. Thing
3. Believe
4. Pffft
All tracks copyright Dirk Music 1995 except track 3 (SBT Music 1992).
Nick Greenwood - Guitar Vocals
Brandon Keefe - Keys/Samples/Drums
Mark Mitchell - Drums/Vocals
Shaun Reader - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Thompson  - Bass
Recorded March 1995 at Magnolia Studios Blackpool.
Mixed & Produced by Nigel Chedder Chadwick and Dirk.
HATE Records 001

Glow Worms- Hedonism [1990's Demo Tape]


1. Holding The Baby
2. Slow Lane
3. Split!
4. Sunny Day
5. Saphead
6. King of the Universe
7. Belter
All songs by Atkinson/Borkin/Caley/Lonsdale
Recorded at Assembly Line Studios Preston 
Engineered by Jim Hesketh