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My Vinyl Shame: Sleeveless & Damaged Records

My response to John Bellamy (via Steve Whitty)'s thread about sleeveless, coverless and generally f'd-up vinyl! The horror, the horror...

My Musical Heroes Ep1: Mark E Smith | The Fall

  The first of 3 videos I'm planning on making about my own personal musical heroes. In this episode the late great Mark E. Smith of The Mighty Fall.

Sleazy Does it! Reacting to Vintage Mail Order Trash!

I'm sure we can all agree that it's a good thing that this sort of garbage is no longer acceptable -so lets mock it mercilessly and hope it stays in the dumpster of history where it belongs!
Be sure to check out the amazing History's Dumpster Blog here: (they have a facebook page too!)

Vinyl Close Up: Games That Lovers Play by Stef Meeder

Ever wondered what that cheesy organ music was that you can sometimes hear playing in the background of my videos? No? Well it's this- Stef Meeder's 'Games That Lovers Play' from 1967.
You can enjoy it in it's entirety here:

Vinyl Tag 2019


My A's to the following 20 Q's...
1. Best find of 2018
2. Shoutout to other VC channels who deserves more viewers
3. What holes are you looking to fill in your collection?
4. A cheap album that’s really good
5. Your favorite side project album
6. A song from an artist/ band that is uncharacteristic in their catalogue
7. The last album you purchased
8. A great album with a bad cover
9. A bad album with a cool cover
10. A blues album
11. An ear worm song
12. A historically important artist
13. An album you own because of your parents
14. Best dollar bin find
15. Favorite double album
16. An album you learned about from the VC in the last year
17. A ten inch record
18. A seven inch record
19. Favorite album to fall asleep to
20. Your favorite VC experience and/ or advice for people contemplating making videos

 That S.E.T.I. album I mentioned:

The Album Cover Album 3 | 1980's Album Art Book | Part 1


Grab yourself a caffeine drank and sit back and enjoy a leisurely browse through The Album Cover Album volume 3, the 1984 book of classic album art featuring a plethora of early 80's album and 12" sleeve designs.