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The Epic of Gilgamesh or 'He who saw the deep' Trailer 1

The hirundu & Edward of Sim (a.k.a. eoshirundu) have got together and are working on a "live concept album" based on this millennia-old Sumerian epic poem.

We are currently looking for versatile musicians and vocalists to be involved in our exciting new project, a contemporary retelling of ancient Sumerian 'Epic of Gilgamesh.'

It will take the form of a "live concept album" / stage show, and as the original Epic was written on 12 stone tablets our version is split into 12 musical sections corresponding with each tablet and covering many different styles of music. This will be very much a live band performance as opposed to a piece of musical theatre. Members of the band we be in costume playing different characters and singing their parts as well as playing the music live. To help the telling of the story we will also be using back-projections, props, and some simple puppets!
We are hoping to assemble a band of musicians who will also be able take on the roles of one or more of the characters. We will need singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboard players/programmers, percussionists, wind instruments, brass, strings... if you can play more than one instrument (not necessarily at the same time), can sing a little and are looking for a challenge then please get in touch. Also, if you have experience in live Theatre, Staging, Costumes, Prop-Making, Animation, Effects or anything else you think might help we would love to hear from you!
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