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Pure Magic by Virgin Twin


Virgin Twin
Jon-Ross & Edward of Sim

Pure Magic
Produced and Mixed by Virgin Twin & John Crewdson

All words and music by Jon-Ross Habina and Edward Keller except where noted.

1. What It Means (Habina)
2. Flipside
3. Unexpected Things
4. I Had to Knock It on the Head (Keller)
5. Imagineering
6. Mirror in the Man
7. Brain (Habina)
8. One Perfect Flower
9. Wooden Boy
10. Playing Jesus
11. The Right Tool for the Right Job
12. My Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
13. One-Hit Wonder
14. War No More
15. Mountain Flight (In Retrospect)

All tracks composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by J-R and EoS, between summer 2003 and autumn 2017, with special guest appearance by Ian Ashworth (tracks 9 and 16).
Album cover is an original artwork by J-R; EoS just added the band name and album title.

Final mastering was done by EoS.


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