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Ronco's Rock 'N Roller Disco LP Review

                        Is this one of the oddest 'As Seen On TV' compilations ever released? Strap on your knee pads and grab your spangly hotpants as we take a spin around the peaks, troughs and musical switcheroos found on Ronco's not-a-cynical-cash-grab-in-any-way 1979 Disco /New Wave mutant compilation "Rock `N Roller Disco"!

Edward of Sim: The Crawling (Robyn Hitchcock Cover)

From The Beatles to Bowie (And Beyond?): The Cover Songs Challenge!

After being tagged in a 'pick 10 cover versions' facebook thingy I thought I'd try and link two of my favourite covers using songs covered by the previous artist... yeah, I still can't properly explain it in words but you'll get the idea if you watch the video.

Song Playlist: 

Nick Sample Marvelous Paerson

A Mystery Bag of VCLT?


It's not everyday you come home from work and find a bag of vintage vinyl goodies hanging off your back gate...

A huge thank you to Mr Bellamy for my first ever VCLT! 

If you aren't already a subscriber please go and check out his channel:

complete git biscuits

CD Singles and Some CD Oddities


A look through my CD single collection, including a number of dinky 3 inch CD's, the oldest and the weirdest CD's I own and a shiny gold Video CD that isn't a CD at all!

Techmoan's video about CD Videos:
Tommy Burton's Eraserhead video:

The hirundu: Sea Mage


from Git Biscuits III 2018

Crispy Lidl Snax: Welcome To The Cheap Eats! #3

In this installment I tuck into Yorkshire's finest Japanese inspired Mild Green Curry 'pea snacks' from Yushoi and open a 6 pack of disappointment and regret from Kolak Snackfood ltd.

The hirundu: git biscuits 2: more git biscuits

The Nails - Mood Swing LP

What Have I Been Listening To? #2

A round up of what's recently been floating my musical boat with some audio snippets (I had to mute one though due to a copyright claim).

Silver Birches Albums:

Edward of Sim coversongs:

Fifine™ K058 USB Microphone: An Idiot's Guide (How Not To Use...)


I needed a new mic so I thought I'd get the Fifine K058 as it got good reviews on Amazon. And yeah, if you're reading this after watching the vid you'll realise that I was using it all wrong! Oh well, a lesson learned. The moral of the story: always read the instructions!

Westlers Tinned 'Burgers' in 'Onion' 'Gravy' : Welcome To The Cheap Eats #2!

How much burger meat can you get for a pound (£)? None whatsoever if it comes in a tin. I realise that not everyone can afford to spend their hard-earned on super-fancy cuisine but trust me; if you're skint you'd be better off buying some rice or veggies than this garbage.

KFC Colonel's Celebration Dinner 25 Years UK TV Advert 1990

The first KFC outside of the USA was opened in 1965 in Preston, Lancashire. In 1990 you could get chicken, fries, drink and a pie for £2.79 (about £5.79 in 2018 money).

Dü Pig- Trough Enough EP


Featuring Dr Bone bassist and one time Hirundu guitarist Bean!

My Diary: July 1983 - Octopussy, Summer Holidays and Classic Horror!

Reading the seventh month of my 1983 Dairy Diary in which the summer holidays start with demon possessed caterpillars, I go to the beach a lot, watch James Bond and Superman at the cinema, sword fight and even play some Dungeons and Dragons (for a change)!

Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!