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I Made A Video Nasty: Rewatching The Feeble Dead!


So, for a bit of a Halloween Hoot I thought I'd unearth this monstrosity.. it's footage of 'The Feeble Dead', the no-budget horror 'movie' we tried to make one weekend back in 1987!
Gasp! At the terrible acting!
Shudder! At the cheesy not-so-special effects!
Watch! Rubber chickens getting pummeled with clubs!
Cringe! At Zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's BAD!! (No really.)

Original Fake Trailer from 2007:
Full Scan of the original VHS Cover Art: https://pitchandputtproductions.blogs...

The Feeble Dead VHS Cover Art

Vintage Video: Dixons Hi-Grade E-180 VHS Video Casette Cover

Groove #1: The Mystery Music Magazine | Led Zeppelin The Beatles & More


Join me for a look through the first edition of Groove Magazine ~ the mysterious early 70's British music mag that I can't find any information about on the internet. Full Page Scans Here: https://pitchandputtproductions.blogs...

Best Worst Band Names

I countdown my top 14 most & least favourite band names in a (sort of) response to Metal Mickey's video (, one of which is completely fictitious ~ can you spot the made-up band?

 Achtung! Contains swears and 'Mature Themes'; not suitable for those of a sensitive nature, a nervous disposition or a sophisticated sense of humour. May contain Nuts.

Vintage Video: Waltham E-180 Super Premium Grade VHS Video Casette Cover

Re-record Guaranteed Forever? What about in 5 Billion years when the dying Sun consumes the Earth and burns everything to cinders?

My Diary September 1983: Movies, RPG's, Dragon's Lair & Fish!

Reading from the ninth month of my 1983 diary in which I get into fish, play Army, watch several (now classic) 80's movies and, of course, play endless games of Dungeons & Dragons. Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next time for more 80's nostalgia!

8 Bit Atari Game Clips courtesy of the Highretrogamelord Channel:

Charity/Thrift Shop Shopping & The Vinyl Tap

For the first time in aaaages I hit the second hand shops looking for records. Plus I visit to the newly opened Vinyl Tap pub/cafe bar at which you can select music from their collection of LP's whilst chugging down real ale or coffee and eating eggs or (but not and) bacon.

Vinyl Tap: