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Cheesy Chip 'Kebab' Review - Welcome To The Cheap Eats!


Weirdly enough I can't find any reference to this product online. Even weirder is that when I returned to the place I bought it from, the shop was no longer there and no-one could remember it even existing.

Play - Aids From Games Workshop Advert in White Dwarf Magazine 1983

Wilderness Hex Sheets and Dungeon Mapping Sheets (Graph Paper)

The Max Headroom Show (1985) Episode 4

I kept the trailer for the 1985 Cannes Film Festival at the beginning but there was fewer music videos in this episode (only 5) all of which are on this playlist here:

During the break there was the same Do It In Nicks advert as last time:

and one for the short-lived Beatle City Museum:

The Max Headroom Show (1985) Episode 5 inc. Adverts


The fourth full episode is (I think) Episode 5 but there's such scant information about this series online that I'm not entirely sure which episode is which and having seen the rest of the tape there's obviously a lot of episodes I didn't record, so this could be Episode anything really. It says on the website that: "There is very little information about this 13-week season except the air dates, especially as the first 12 shows are considered "lost," with no recordings (even bootleg) readily available."

Music Videos Playlist:

Charity / Thrift Shop Vinyl Record Finds #2 feat. Mo The Cat


A round up of my vinyl finds from April and May 2018, mostly from charity shops and a couple of 'grails' I managed to nab for a bargain price from eBay. Dig!

 ZZTop Video:
Jubilee Stompers:
Polovtsian Dances (from 'Prince Igor')
Candlewick Green - Who Do You Think You Are
That John Denver Song (If you must...)

The Max Headroom Show 1985 Episode 3 (No Music Videos)

The Third episode of The Max Headroom Show, first aired in the UK on the 20th April 1985 rediscovered on an old VHS tape. Episode 2 can be found here: (the tape starts with episode 2 so episode 1 is missing).
The music videos have been removed so here's a playlist of all the music featured:


During the broadcast there was two adverts, one for Nicks Trainers and one for some hair dye called Poly Highlights (check out the retro arcade machines -anyone know what the game is? )

My Favourite Album Cover Art

The Max Headroom Show (1985) Episode 1

Update (June 2018)  This might actually be the first episode- after doing further research I managed to find this quote from one of the producers, Peter Wagg: "the launch was spectacular. We had the Thursday night slot, which was Channel 4's movie-of-the-week slot, and the 6:00 half-hour [episode on Saturday]. The way we started the half-hour [music video] show, there were no opening titles. There were no credits for anybody. When it came to 6:00, it was just that satellite chssssssss, snow and buzz. And all of a sudden, Max was there. Like, bang! And he's talking in German, and he's telling this joke about lederhosen all in German, he's roaring with laughter during the whole thing, and then the first music video we played was a German music video." 
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I managed to find an old video tape of episodes from the first Max Headroom Show series from 1985. As I recall I originally recorded it on Betamax and then at some point in the 90's transferred it to VHS. I've now transferred it onto my pc and uploaded just the bits with Max on to YouTube - I removed the music as it would have been removed right away due to multiple copyright infringements, but as luck would have it all the videos featured are currently online so I also made a playlist, in the order they appeared on the show:

I've also uploaded or found links to the adverts on the tape:

Radiohead Gig Ticket Blackpool Friday 12th May 2006