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Cleaning Moldy VHS Tapes: My First Attempt


*please remember to be safe: don't snort the mold, drink the Isopropyl or make sweet, sweet love to a plugged in VCR*

(seriously though - be careful with electronics and chemicals)

Anyway this is my first attempt at cleaning the mold from some old VHS tapes so I can put them into my good VCR for digitizing. 

After editing and uploading the video I realised I didn't actually say which method I thought was best! I'd say that if you have a machine with a suitable place to wrap something around then use the cotton pad method but if not then use the swab- I guess it depends on your machine. Also, I only cleaned one side of the tape so if necessary you might want to use a pad for one side and the swab for the other. 
I had a look online for professional cleaning services and there's plenty out there but I thought I'd have a go at doing it myself as the mold wasn't that bad.

If you want to see the vids that I watched prior to doing it (and there are more out there) then here are the links:

Devils Avalanche Films:
Dustin Kramer:
2ombieboy's VHS Vault:

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