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The Max Headroom Show 1986

This is the last episode on the tape and it appears to be missing the first few minutes as right after Fawlty Towers there's a few seconds of adverts and then it goes straight into Shock The Monkey by Peter Gabriel. My best guess is that this is from the second series as there's a 1986 copyright notice at the end (all the others are from 1985) and Max announces that the guest on next weeks episode is Boy George however according to the website this episode should include the "The big G. Golf. That's what it's all about." monologue and the "Ich will dich essen" music video by Ledernacken, which is on the 'Golf' episode I previously uploaded (here).
Also, in this episode Max talks about 'real men wearing flip-flops' which Max refers back to in the video I uploaded (at about 5:51 here) by saying "Following my advice to the guys..." so I'm wondering if they re-used parts of the first series in the second series? Oh and at the end the continuity announcer says that the next episode will be broadcast at the 'Slightly later time of 11:45' and the first series was broadcast at tea-time (6pm to be precise as seen on this TV Times Scan from 1985).
And there's the 'Scouse' version of the 'Heroin Screws You Up' advert.

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