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HAL 9000 Fridge Magnet: "Unfortunately this magnet killed 4 of my sleeping crew mates" Ebay Product Reviews

The truth
Unfortunately this magnet killed 4 of my sleeping crew mates and locked me out of my spaceship forcing me to escape and having to dive through the vacuum of space back into the ships airlock causing masses of damage. The magnet then began to sing Daisy at me while I had to remove its memory banks in order to prevent it completing its own mission and killing me in the process. To make matters worse I then fell into a 10 minute trip of colour where I aged in a matter of seconds and then died. To top it all off I have been reborn as a giant space baby although I do hope to reappear in a film with Roy Schneider soon. Great price, item turned up promptly

Perfect for when you're opening the pod bay doors... On your fridge
This fridge magnet is, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. I'll explain further. It's very well put together and made of a heavy duty crystalline plastic with the magnets apparently moulded in. The print quality is good, and it looks the business. I'm very happy with it.

HAL9000 Fidge Magnet. HAL9000 without the psychotic tendencies
This is the safe version of HAL9000, reprogrammed to be quiet and pretending to just be a fridge magnet. I still worry though its brooding with plans to take control of the fridge at any opportunity. The day will come when I go for some cheese one night.... I will hear "I'm sorry Steve," (my names Steve not Dave) "I'm afraid I can't do that."

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