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A History Of British Video Art: The First Ten Years. 1971-81

                           Featuring extracts from the following tapes:
 7 TV pieces. David Hall 1971 23mins. B/W
Monitor I. Steve Partridge. 1975 10mins. B/W
Eyebath. Peter Anderson. 1977 8mins. B/W
Vanitas. Tamara Kirkorian. 1977 8mins. B/W
2nd and 3rd identity. Marceline Mori. 1977. 10mins B/W
The Swing. Tina Keane. 1978. 12mins B/W
The Fascinating Art of the Ritual Feast. Marion Urch. 1979 8mins. Col
State of Division. Mick Hartney. 1979. 5mins. B/W
Kensington Gore. Catherine Elwes. 1981. 15mins. Col
 Compiled by London Video Access

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