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BBC Sci - Fi Sound Effects Album Side 2: Blake's Seven & Earth Search

{Apologies for the sound quality- this side of the album is quite badly scratched.)
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Sci-Fi Sound Effects Album #26. BBC Records REC420.
Side 2
Blake's 7 Series A-C (Mono effects by Richard Yeoman-Clark & Elizabeth Parker)

    "Orac Switch On"
    "Orac Working"
    "Orac Switch Off"
    "Liberator Computer Mailfunction"
    "Liberator Plasma Bolt Explosion"
    "Liberator Laser"
    "Federation Ship Laser Explosion"
    "Liberator Life Capsule Ready to be Launched"
    "Liberator Ship Background"
    "Liberator Guns X3"
    "Avon's Communicator Bracelet Transportation Sounds"
    "Mysterious 'Being' Disappears in a Flame"
    "Alien Gun"
    "Appearance Of The Ovoid (A Stone Surrounded in Mystery and Magic)"
    "Heavy Voltage Force"
    "Glow From A Mysterious Ghost Who Haunts the Liberator"
    "The Core, A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain which Rules from the Centre of Ultraworld"
    "Interior Of Federation Patrol Ship"
    "Going Through A Black Hole in the Liberator"
    "Space Centre Medical Unit Hum"
    "Machine Monster with a Black Sense of Humour! (who Chases our Heroes Around, Winking)"
    "Break Down Of Machine Monster"
    "Extra-terrestrial Heavenly Choir"

Earthsearch (Stereo effects by Lloyd Silverthorne)

    "UFO Landing"
    "Computer Touch Panel Bleeps"
    "Meteorite Alert Station"
    "Rumbling Gurgle"
    "Hand Held Ray Guns"
    "Space Bombs"
    "Space Police"
    "Outer Airlock Door Open and Close"
    "Inner Airlock Door Open and Close"
    "Plasma Discharge Weapons"
    "Underworld Animation Chamber"
    "Bleeps for Suspended Animation Chamber"
    "Electric Warning Gong"
    "Three Harmonic Strings Followed by Explosion"
    "Sharp Hum With Trail Out"
    "Rapid Fire Laser Guns"
    "Space Hurricane"
    "Spacecraft Crash Into Sea"

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