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Barry Briscoe & Mark Detached: ‘What The *@?! Is This? Side Two [BBE06] 1994

1.    Wibble Wibble Wibble Ooerk There’s A Sinatra In My Toilet
2.    Relax
Zombie Intro
3.    It’s Xmas Time Again Oh No
Ainamalá Duck!
4.    Couldn’t Be Bothered To Think Of One
5.    Big Chief Thundercloud’s Amazing Secret
6.    Brian Prebble’s Nightmare
7.    Man Who Knew What Colour The Sky Ought To Be
8.    I Don’t Wanna Grow Old
9.    Paul McCartney On A Good Day
The Pianos
10.    Jugband Blues
All tracks written by Barry Briscoe and Mark Detached- with Clare West on Track 1, except Track 2 written by Graham Nash and Track 10 written by Syd Barrett. (arr Briscoe & Detached). Lyrics on Track  7 by Mark Detached

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