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Lets face it- TV nowadays if for Idiots. Even if you already possess a modicum of sentience even the slightest exposure to Ant and Dec’s smug leering visages would be enough turn you into a drooling incontinent whelk-like blob. Once challenging programmes like Horizon now have dramatic background music intended to highlight the REALLY IMPORTANT BITS probably because true facts, no matter how amazing, are deemed ‘boring’. And why do all historical documentaries now have to be bloody ‘dramatised’ – I don’t want to see an ‘interpretation’ of what happened- I want to see cool old photo’s, wood carving’s and shit. And don’t get me started on those Walking With Imaginary Computer Generated Dinosaurs etc. that where everywhere a couple of years ago. They should have been broadcast with a disclaimer telling the viewers that. “ We Are Making This Up- There’s No Way We Could Possibly Know What A Diplodocus Smelt Like. Think About It! How Could We?” Or better still constantly have the words ‘Not Fact’ flash on the screen at increasingly shorter intervals until it becomes a shimmering seizure educing blur.

With this in mind why not actually broadcast programmes that dare to be informative. Call it IntelligentTV. Get all those old Open University programmes that have been gathering dust and just re-run them. That’s Infotainment*.

* Having just typed the word “infotainment” in Word I’ve just noticed the lack of a red line underneath it telling me to ‘stop pissing about using made-up words’. So ‘infotainment’ is actually a word these days? And I was being facetious.

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