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Nazi Pubs and the Smoking Ban

It’s been a long time since I’ve been for a drink in the Wyre Lounge, the bar at the Marine Hall on Fleetwood’s seafront, except for the yearly Beer Festival. I soon discovered that what was once an innocuous unassuming bar, famed for always having a great choice of real ales with excellent views across Morecambe Bay and a friendly welcoming atmosphere, had transformed into a fascist totalitarian nightmare. Everywhere you look are signs forbidding this and warning against that; No one under 18 allowed. No glasses Beyond This Point, No Drugs, No Smoking, Signs For Pub Watch (kick off in this bar and get ‘barred’ (get it), from all the other pubs in the area), signs telling the customers they have 20 minutes to finish drinking after the last bell or they will be shot and even one behind the bar telling punters (and I’m paraphrasing here) “ No you can’t have a glass of free tap water, we don’t care if your driving and we’ve decided to ignore the advice about alternating between soft and alcoholic drinks- but we can SELL you bottled water” – which I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to do. So what happened to friendly welcoming pubs -places you could go to have a laugh and a drink?

Or is this just another example of Bastard Britain?

On the subject of Bastard Britain when I was out on Saturday night the main topic of conversation seemed to be about the recent smoking ban and the conclusions are:

  1. It’s ruined the country.
  2. The pubs may now be froust free but this just means you can now smell everything else, from sweaty punters, greasy kitchens to pissy toilets.
  3. Standing out in the street you’re more likely to get tapped up for a fag by some scavvy, sponging beggar-man cunt.

On the plus side you do get to chat to people you probably wouldn’t normally speak to, mostly in order to whinge about the smoking ban.

Be warned - it’ll be alcohol next in Browns Bastard Britain.

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